6 Surprising Recipes You Can Try in a Slow Cooker
Slow cookers have indeed changed our life, definitely for the better! With minimum effort and the right ingredients, you can cook almost anything in a good slow cooker without standing around your kitchen all day. Cooking food really slowly in its own juices enhances natural flavours and allows you to get the the maximum nutrition out of your ingredients. You can go to office, hang out with your friends or catch a movie, and come home to a ready-to-eat hot meal!

We all know about the soups, pot roasts and curries we can cook in our slow cooker, but there are some unconventional and surprising recipes that you can try out, as well.
If you are not too enthusiastic about using your oven, you can do some light baking in your slow cooker, i.e. bread. Yes, it is possible to have fresh bread every day that you have baked yourself, in your slow cooker! Most slow cookers can reach up to 200°F at the maximum temperature, which is the perfect temperature for bread to rise and bake.

It helps if you love soft crusts on your bread, because bread baked in a slow cooker will brown all around. All sides would have browned evenly since a slow cooker always maintains proper temperature at all times. Depending on the size of your slow cooker, you can bake a round or a rectangle bread in a bread tin placed in the middle of the cooker.
When you are tired of store-bought spreads and jams for your bread, you can try an apple butter recipe for pancakes, waffles, toast and bagels. Apple butter is like concentrated applesauce that has a cinnamon-based taste to it. Finely chopped apples, a little cinnamon powder, a squeeze of lemon juice, some brown sugar and water is all you need to make apple butter sauce for your breakfast and afternoon snacking.
Salsa is always awesome, even when you are cooking it in a slow cooker. All you have to do is to put in all the ingredients and the salsa will cook in itself. A bunch of tomatoes, garlic cloves, finely chopped onions, cilantro leaves and jalapeno peppers – all mixed together and thrown into the slow cooker and a few hours later, you will have yummy salsa for your chips that you can serve for parties.
Oatmeal - but not the instant, sugary filled kind! You can add your own raisins and nuts of your choice to whole oats to add a little bit of flavour, and it can cook overnight while you sleep so that you have a hot and healthy breakfast when you wake up. As the name suggests, you'll need oats, as well as chopped apples, milk, sugar, raisins, chopped pecans and nuts, cinnamon powder and butter (add quantities to taste). Oatmeal takes a long time to cook in a slow cooker, perhaps more than 6-7 hours so you can start before heading off to bed and wake up to find it cooked automatically.
Healthy desserts are the best, especially when they are also delicious, like poached pears. Now this is a recipe worthy of a dinner party that you can also cook in your leisure in a slow cooker. If you have guests arriving, you can cook it in advance and keep it warm for after the main courses are over. A few large sized pears placed in a slow cooker filled with a mixture of cranberry juice, cinnamon powder, star anise, cherries and sugar can give you perfect poached pears in a matter of hours. Serve it with whipped cream, pine nuts, chocolate shavings and berries and you will have an instant hit!
Just like apple butter, you can make mashed potatoes in a slow cooker worthy of a dinner party. With a slow cooker, you don't have to boil the potatoes in advance to mash them afterwards. All you need to do is to peel and dice them, and cook them in a slow cooker with some liquid (a flavourful broth adds a little something extra!) When they are cooked, the mashing can be done right inside the cooker without having the take them out, and then mixed with butter and milk. Moreover, your mashed potatoes will stay warm inside the cooker until it is time to serve.
With a little imagination and time to experiment, we can try a lot of new and exciting recipes in a slow cooker! This is an amazing invention designed to make our lives easier, and we need to use it more and more every day to see how a slow cooker can help us.

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