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Best Snowboard Bindings (Including Step-In Bindings)

The right snowboard bindings can mean the difference between making a sweet run or trick, or serious injury. The last thing you want is your equipment to let you down in the middle of a hill. Here are the best bindings for snowboards for this winter.

Snowboard bindings are the connection between your boots and the snowboard. This connection is vital, which is why quality bindings should always be used for better board control and fun time on the mountains. There are, however, different types of snowboard bindings on the market today. Some can be expensive while others are fairly priced. Choosing one can be difficult, as it is hard to tell the best from the rest.

How much should I expect to spend on snowboard bindings?

Different snowboard bindings will be priced differently, depending on their quality, type, and also the extra features they may have. You can get bindings for as low as under $100, and others approach $200. The majority of quality bindings cost between $200 and $350. If you are just a beginner, you can easily get beginner bindings at a much affordable rate.

What features should I consider in any snowboard bindings?

  • Construction Consider the materials used in their construction, as these will tell you the quality of the bindings. Advanced materials are usually the best to go for, as they give better performance, are light in weight, and can guarantee durability.  
  • Straps  Straps are the most important parts of any snowboard bindings, as they determine your safety on the snowboard. The quality of straps matter because they keep your foot planted in the binding. Besides, poor quality straps will break easily, compromising your safety. 
  • Mounting system There are basically three types of mounting systems used for snowboards and snowboard bindings. You must check to ensure that the bindings you are buying are compatible with the mounting system on your snowboard.
  • Entry system A snowboard bindings’ entry system can either be strap bindings or step-in bindings. The most popular one is the strap bindings. It has been tried, tested, and proven to secure users' feet to the board. But step-in bindings are quicker and much easier to get in and out of. It’s important to understand the systems better before buying.
The best choice of snowboard bindings will improve a rider's performance.

What are the more advanced features that I should consider in high-end snowboard bindings?

  • Canted Footbeds 

    These are meant to relieve the pressure on a rider’s feet and knees, which is important in transmitting power through his or her board. The canted footbeds come in different designs and in varying degrees to help tilt your feet, legs, and knees inward. With this feature, a rider can widen their stance without hurting their knees or losing control.

  • Reduced Footprint A reduced footprint reduces the contact that the binding has with the snowboard. A large contact area on the snowboard interferes with the natural flex pattern of the board.  
  • Winged hangbacks When they hang around the sides of your snowboard, winged hangbacks allow you to exert more lateral pressure, which gives you more power to rotate, spin, press, or even butter.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the different kinds of  snowboard bindings?
    There are mainly two types of snowboard bindings: The strap-in bindings and the speed entry bindings/rear entry bindings. Within these two come different varieties, for instance different construction, length of high backup, different flex, differences in the straps, and base plates among others.
  • Do all bindings fit all boards? If not, elaborate what bindings fit which boards.

    No, snowboards come in general sizes of small, medium and large. The type of snowboard bindings you buy should match your boot size. One that fits well is one that allows the boot to flex but not sway. A good match is one that secures your boots with no extra play.

  • What is stance, and why is it important to consider?

    Stance is basically the distance between the point where your bindings are positioned on the board in relation to the front or rear of the board. Your stance should be a little more than the width of your shoulders. You should always strive for a good stance, which is one that feels most natural.

  • How do I know the right binding size? How can I tell if they fit properly?

    First of all, the right binding size is what matches the flex in your boots. It should also match your ability level and the terrain of your ride. Compatible bindings will grip your boots snugly and securely, without forcing them into place. Even after gripping your boots, the right bindings should allow them to flex without shifting.

1) Burton Malavita available for $159 on Amazon

Key features
  • Single component baseplate construction
  •  Fullbed Cushioning System
  • Canted living hedge
  • Zero-lean hi-back
  • Double take buckles featuring insta-click

From a company that uses top technologies to change the way people enjoy the outdoors comes Burton Malavita, an exceptional choice of snowboard bindings. Selling at slightly above $200, these bindings are just right for their price. They are neither cheap nor expensive, considering that most quality snowboards averagely sell at that price. Their impressive look, great quality, and cushioning system will let you enjoy snowboarding like never before.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

The Burton Malavitas are designed for expert riders and can be used season after season. The bindings have exceptional features such as Supergrip Capstrap, a technologically advanced toestrap, heel hammock, reinforced wraps around the boot heel, and an Asym Hammockstrap that gives the bindings a minimal and seamlessly comfortable design. Unlike most of its close competitors, the Burton Malavitas come in both Re:Flex and EST for across the board compatibility. A new Red Wing edition featuring leather straps that complement the Iong Red Wing leather boot is out for endless outdoor fun.

What's not so good about it?

For someone who has used the expensive high-end bindings, you will find these a little uncomfortable. They are too stiff, and their buckles pinch a little too. They might also hurt your feet and knees.

  • Single component base construction
  • Canted living hedge technology
  • Heel hammock
  • Zero lean hi-back feature
  • Not as comfortable as other brands
  • Does not have  a major canting

2) Union Trilogy available for $241 on Amazon

Key features
  • Classic pro ankle straps
  • Stage 4 force lady baseplates
  • Extruded 3D aluminum heel-cup
  • Ultra-Grip toe straps
  • Quick adjust flad

Coming from a manufacturer that is popular for the strongest women’s bindings in the industry, Union Trilogy bindings are the perfect bombproof to handle any kind of terrain easily. A price of about $250 is reasonable enough when compared to their capabilities. These bindings are safe, secure, and will give any rider the confidence they need while snowboarding.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

Union Trilogy has been made using materials that are four times stronger than aluminum but have only half the weight. Their overpadded ankle straps as well as Multi-Density Thermoformed EVA Bushing and ultragrip toe straps make them extremely comfortable all day, all season long. The newest Union Trilogy features a new washer system that is hard to find in other models. The system holds the ankle straps, heel loop, and highback in place without coming loose.

What's not so good about it?

The quality of Union Trilogy is not the best considering its price. Many users have complained of their straps breaking after a few uses, and had to call the company for replacement. The fabric on the ankle strap wears out quite easily and the paint on the metal heelcup chips off too fast.

  • Bindings that can handle any terrain or condition with ease
  • Super comfortable
  • Very safe and secure
  • Suitable for freeride, freestyle, all-mountain rides
  • Poor quality construction
  • Heavy bindings

3) Ride Fame

Key features
  • Aluminum infinity chassis system
  • Adjustable heelcup
  • Wedgie footbed
  • Freestyle anklestrap
  • Flipside mount strap

Ride snowboard bindings are known for their superior quality, and the Ride Fame bindings are no exception. Built from a flawless aluminum infinity chassis system, and given adjustable heelcups, this is one of the greatest options for bindings that are on the market today. Its price of over $250 is just right considering the comfort, safety, and quality the bindings have to offer. The bindings feature a sleek look and a super-responsive nylon highback, just what snowboarders need for comfortable and fun riding.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

The bindings’ flawless construction and adjustable heelcups are some of the features that set it apart from other bindings. Their sleek look and elegant design is unique to Ride bindings too. The bindings are shaped to provide great comfort and control for female riders. Their injected ankle straps gives it a lightweight comfortable feel and their 3D-shaped rubber web on the ThinGrip Max Toe Straps gives them the grip that's lacking in other bindings. These bindings have been made for both intermediate and advanced female riders.

What's not so good about it?

The bindings are a little overpriced when compared to similar brands on the market. Besides, they are not the best bindings for beginners or riders who snowboard only occasionally. You need to get used to them to enjoy their comfort.

  • Adjustable bindings
  • Great construction
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy entry and release
  • A little overpriced
  • Not the best for beginners
  • Have to be broken in to be comfortable

4) Rossignol Gala

Key features
  • Nylon/glass baseplate
  • Two part puffy pad footbeds
  • Mainframe highbacks
  • One shot 3D molded straps
  • Baselight buckles

Rossignol Gala is the product of a company that specializes in winter products that make riding easier. The bindings are designed to suit beginner and intermediate riders who want to perfect their skills. At a price of over $200, these are among the most affordable snowboard bindings you will find on the market today. The Rossignol Gala bindings feature easy to fasten buckles as well as contoured 3D straps that make an easy task out of securely strapping your bindings.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

The Rossignol Galas are designed in a way designed to help riders hone their boarding skills. Their mainframe highbacks are meant to give the rider superior power and lateral control over the board. They have a medium to soft flex that is just perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. Unlike most bindings in this price range, the Rossignol Gala bindings are more comfortable and lightweight. Their one-shot 3D molded straps wrap around the rider’s boot laterally and vertically to give the boot the kind of binding it needs for instant power transmission and stability.

What's not so good about it?

These bindings are a bit expensive, and some would say they are overpriced when compared to similar snowboard bindings. For a rider working on a strict budget, you may find other models more affordable.

  • Puffy pad footbeds
  • Mainframe highbacks allow for side to side mobility
  • Strong construction
  • Patent-pending fit in system and freewill ratchets
  • Overpriced
  • Lacks the dynamic feel underfoot that advanced riders fancy

5) Flux DS

Key features
  • Ultimate baseplate
  • Ultima wing highback
  • Honeycomb straps
  • Micro ratchets buckles
  • Toolless lever

Flux is popular for the construction of high quality technology and performance snowboards and snowboard bindings. Flux DS bindings are designed to suit the needs of any type of rider. These all-round bindings come at a price of over $250, which is little more compared to similar bindings on the market. However, their ability to match up with a wide range of boards is something that should not be overlooked.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

The Flux DS are snowboard bindings for all types of riders. They may work well for beginners, but they are definitely great for intermediate and advanced riders. Unlike most bindings on the market today, these bindings will match with most types of snowboards and can be used on various types of terrain. A flex rate of 3/5 gives them a soft to medium flex, which is great for all mounting binding. They are also super-adjustable, making it easy for users to customize the high-back, ankle-strap, toe-strap, toe-ramp, and heel ramp to their liking.

What's not so good about it?

These bindings require a bit of improvement on their shock absorption. What they have may not be terrible, but it's also not special considering the price. They can also do with some more padding in the heel.

  • Easy entry and release
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable 
  • Highly adjustable with many settings provided
  • Poor heel padding
  • Poor shock absorption

6) Bent Metal Transfer

Key features
  • 6 (1 soft-10 stiff) flex
  • Magnesium fiber drive plate
  • Nylon highback
  • Power construction ankle straps
  • Light form toe straps
  • Forged aluminium buckle

This is a product of a company comprised of engineers, designers, and lifelong riders who are dedicated to creating the world’s best bindings. Selling at over $250, these are some of the high-end snowboard bindings that guarantee better performance and durability. Their magnesium fiber drive plate and engineered nylon highback create medium flex patterns that allow for a broad range of conditions.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

These are the kinds of bindings you choose for versatile performance. They're a perfect, all terrain combination comprised of a well-engineered polymer highback and a responsive magnesium fiber drive plate that gives riders the precise freestyle or free ride performance and control in every riding situation. These are a great way for riders to reward themselves. The bindings are highly adjustable, featuring four forward lean settings. Their cube forward lean adjustment is fast and easy, and allows users to choose between 10, 14, 18, or 22 degrees of lean.

What's not so good about it?

Lots of users have complained about the bindings' poor quality construction. This makes it hard for snowboarders to be able to ride on more dangerous hills. You might end up spending more than you need on these bindings now and replacements in the future.

  • Perfect for all riding conditions
  • Easy entry and release
  • Highly adjustable
  • Lightweight and hardened buckles
  • Molded grip to secure the straps in place
  • Wear out quite easily
  • Expensive and hard to find transfers

7) Flow NXT FSE

Key features
  • CNC-milled aluminum baseplate
  • EVA base pads plus movable landing pads
  • Combi-disk with 4x4 and 3HP hole patterns
  • Three piece modular high back
  • Aluminum heelcup

Flow bindings are popular for their strong construction, better straps, and great look, and the Flow NXT FSE's are no exception. Designed for high performance and packed with the best features, these bindings are just what you need for endless fun all winter long. A price of under $150 puts it in an affordable price range, considering that most of its competitors sell at a higher price and others for even more than $250. It features a CNC-milled rocker and forged aluminum baseplates that are unique to Flow. The baseplates are lightweight, providing riders with a sharper response by allowing the board to flex naturally.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

The Flow NXT FSEs feature a CNC-milled, rocker-forged aluminum baseplate that is unique to its manufacturer. The baseplate is light in weight, allowing the board to flex naturally. They also feature an OC-Kush wrapped highback that is exclusive to Flow, which aids in cushioning and dampening to give the rider some extra comfort. Their free snaplock feature allows for forward-lean adjustments without having to get out of your bindings.

What's not so good about it?

Your bindings will take some time to get used to when you first begin riding with them, so it will be a while before you start enjoying their unbeatable performance. Additionally, adjusting them is a little tricky.

  • Super comfortable bindings
  • Highly adjustable
  • Great heel-toe power transfer
  • Easy entry and release
  • Great construction
  • Lightweight
  • Poor lateral power transfer
  • Requires proper adjustment to work well

8) Burton Cartel available for $279 on Amazon

Key features
  • Medium stiff flex
  • Single component nylon baseplate
  • Single component construction
  • Zero lean canted hi-back design
  • Hammockstrap 2.0

These are the best-selling snowboard bindings on the market, from the longest standing brand in snowboarding. They are the kind of bindings that will keep you in total control of your rides. Selling at slightly below $300, you can bet that this is one of the most expensive brands around, but the exceptional features of these bindings account for the price. Featuring a medium-stiff flex, these are bindings that will give you quick, technical maneuvers with your every ride, even at high speeds. The bindings are perfect for all-mounting carving, powerful freeriding, and getting through the terrain park.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

For their price, you can expect to get solid, functional bindings that are durable and absolutely easy to use. Cartel's medium-stiff flex, superior cushioning, and exceptional low-profile buckles and straps are what give these bindings the extra comfort, fit, and feel that is hard to get in most bindings. These bindings are simply designed, powerful, and durable, keeping your board and boot connection at 100% all winter long.

What's not so good about it?

These bindings will not allow you to make small adjustments to the stance width. This is because their discs fit in one way on the bindings. Also, they are designed for beginners and intermediate riders, and could therefore be limiting to experienced riders.

  • Solid construction
  • Super comfortable straps
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Does not allow side to side adjustments
  • A little pricey
  • Foam on its highback wears out quite fast.

9) Union Force

Key features
  • Extruded 3D aluminum heelcups
  • Stage 4 duraflex ST baseplate

  • Multi-density thermoformed EVA bushings

  • Force highbacks

  • Quick adjust forward lean

  • Magnesium buckles

From a company known for its quality and durable products, Union Force is just the right choice for riders looking for bindings that will serve them for years all through the winters. These are classic bindings selling at about $250, which is a reasonable price considering their durability and performance. They are also built to weather all conditions and terrain. Featuring a Stage 4 Duraflex ST Base Blended nylon baseplate, these bindings have been built especially for the cold temperatures. They offer unbeatable levels of strength for perfect rides all season.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

Featuring a Stage 4 duraflex blended nylon ST base, these are bindings that will handle any weather condition and terrain. They offer unbeatable levels of strength and durability that are hard to find in other types of bindings. Their multi-density thermo-formed EVA bushings are able to keep the bindings functioning and in great condition season after season. The bindings also feature extruded 3D aluminum heelcups that are rigid and strong. Their connection with the base provides the rider with the seamless response they need in every ride.

What's not so good about it?

The bindings do not have a canted footbed. This means that they could end up hurting your knees and feet, or just make your rides very uncomfortable. The sharp edges around the bindings can also cause your boots to wear.

  • Strongly built for longevity
  • Perfect for any condition and terrain
  • Built for comfort season after season
  • Tapered highbacks for better flex and tweakability 
  • Easy to adjust forward lean
  • Could be uncomfortable for lack of a canted footbed
  • Straps do not expand to accommodate larger boot sizes

10) Ride Rodeo

Key features
  • One-piece highback
  • Aluminum frame and heelcups
  • Simple forward lean adjustment
  • Medium binding size
  • Supports up to 155lbs rider weight

Featuring an aluminum baseplate and a soft highback that offers the kind of flex many freestyle riders need, this is one of the greatest models of bindings around. Selling at over $250, they could be expensive when compared to other models but they have amazing features that most models could only dream of. These bindings feature a new solid one piece highback that is tapered towards the top. This gives riders a little bit of flex and tweakability as well as providing good support down low.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboard bindings?

The Ride Rodeos are the favorite bindings of many freestyle riders. They feature a decent adjustability that is not present in many similar brands, as well as great shock absorption. These bindings use EVA footbeds and comfortable toestraps that give users superior comfort, and keep the feet in place for comfortable rides in all terrain. Their canted footbeds place rider boots at a slight angle that raises their feet to reduce knee pain during long rides. Their great quality construction assures you of the best rides all winter long for many years to come.

What's not so good about it?

A problem with iced-up footbeds cannot be overlooked in this model. For many users, snow builds up slowly on the base plate of their bindings. This makes it difficult to control the snowboard at high speeds. 

  • Perfect shock absorption
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight and highly reactive
  • 2.5 degrees of footbed canting 
  • Stiffer than most freestyle bindings

In conclusion...

The connection between a rider and their snowboards is very important, and all of this goes down to the type of bindings they are using. So, it's natural to want to go for the strongest, most durable, and most high performing snowboard bindings available on the market. With so many brands on the market today, consider your budget, the ease of use, the amount of flex, and the type of construction for the perfect choice. A good choice of bindings will allow you to enjoy amazing rides all season long.

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