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Best Women's Snowboards for 2019

Snowboarding can be a thrill, great exercise, and just plain fun, but buying a snowboard that both first you well and works can be tricky (and expensive!) Here are our top picks.

Snowboarding is a great way to have some fun outside when it gets cold. It’s also really good for staying in shape through the winter months. Finding the right snowboard can be a daunting task.

 There are so many choices and some women’s snowboards are quite expensive. Don’t worry though, we’re going to help you find the best women’s snowboards that are on the market today.

How much should I expect to spend on a snowboard?

As with most consumer products, there is a range of prices to choose from when it comes to women’s snowboards. Prices are set based on quality, intended use, and level of experience. 

When you are ready to purchase your snowboard, you need to plan to spend anywhere from the mid $200s for budget models to around $600 for the more premium snowboards. Let’s look at some of the features you should consider.

When you are ready to purchase your snowboard, you need to plan to spend anywhere from the mid $200s for budget models to around $600 for the more premium snowboards.

What should I look for when buying a budget level snowboard?

  • Base Material. With a budget snowboard you will likely be getting a board that has base material that has been formulated a little bit different. They will have different resins that might lead to less wax absorption. They will also likely have a lower molecular weight will make them a bit less durable.
  • Construction. The basic construction for all snowboards is pretty much the same. The center is a laminated hardwood core. Then there are layers of fiberglass on each side. The bottom has the base material. There is a top sheet. And on the sides, there are steel edges and a sidewall. On a budget snowboard, you’ll usually find these layers created in an ABS Sidewall or Sandwich Construction method. Each layer is laid flat and the ABS sidewall protects the core.
  • Design. There are three different snowboard designs that are based on what type of riding you’ll be doing. They are All Mountain, Freestyle, and Alpine. Budget snowboards will typically be the All Mountain design.
  • Hole Pattern. This refers to the holes in the board for mounting your bindings on the board. There are 2 universal patterns and 2 that Burton uses. The patterns are 2x4, 4x4, 3D (Burton), and Channel/EST (Burton). The most common pattern, and what you’ll most likely find on budget boards is the 2x4 hole pattern.

What are some advanced features that I should consider in a high-end snowboard?

As with most consumer products, there is a range of prices to choose from when it comes to women’s snowboards. Prices are set based on quality, intended use, and level of experience. 

When you are ready to purchase your snowboard, you need to plan to spend anywhere from the mid $200s for budget models to around $600 for the more premium snowboards. Let’s look at some of the features you should consider.

  • Sidecut Radius. This feature is all about how the snowboard turns based on the concave middle section of the board. There are many different sidecuts now due to advancements in technology. High-end snowboards that are geared towards experienced riders who ride aggressively and do lots of tricks can benefit greatly from selecting a sidecut radius that will allow them more maneuverability.
  • Effective Edge.This is a measurement that tells you the length of the metal edge of the snowboard that will be in contact with the snow when you are on that edge. The longer the effective edge of a board, the more stability you as the rider will have when you’re on an edge. 
  • Flex.The flex rating of a board tells you how soft or stiff the snowboard is. You’ll decide what kind of flex you want by what kind of riding you do and how experienced you are. If you want to freestyle in the terrain parks and such, then you will want some flexibility, a rating of soft to medium. If you like to ride trails or open backcountry at speed, then you’ll likely want to look for something a little bit stiffer.
  • Core.The core of a snowboard is made of laminated strips of wood that are glued together. Manufacturers use different types of wood that vary in density, burst strength, tensile strength, and flex strength. Some boards are made with a combination of wood types to give the maker more control over the properties of the snowboard.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you choose a snowboard that fits properly?

    As a general rule, stand the snowboard up next to you and look for it to just touch your chin. But there are other things to consider. If you are heavier than the average person your height, you will want a longer board. Also, if you’re going to mostly free ride, go for length. If you’re going to be freestyling, look for a board that’s shorter.

  • What are the different types of snowboard and what are they used for?
    • All Mountain – This type is good for all kinds of riding. It’s versatile and is even good for beginners. This is the most popular kind of snowboard. It has what’s called a directional shape. The tip of these snowboards is different than the tail. 
    • Freestyle – These boards are designed for doing tricks and hanging out in halfpipes and terrain parks. They are shorter, lighter, and more flexible than other types of boards to allow for better maneuverability.
    • Alpine – Alpine boards are made to be good for carving downhill and riding at fast speeds. They are cut narrower than the other types of boards and made out of stiff materials to add stability.
    • Does every binding fit for every board? - No. Not all bindings will fit every board. As we mentioned above, there are different hole patterns built into each board. It’s important to choose bindings that are compatible with the hole pattern that’s been built into the board you decide on.
    • What materials are snowboards made out of, and what difference does it make? - Snowboards are typically wood at the core, surrounded by fiberglass, with metal down the edges, and a manufactured material for the base. Some boards will also have foam sandwiched in their construction as well. The most popular woods are beech and poplar, but there are quite a few other woods used too, like birch or bamboo. Different woods used will yield boards that have different properties.

1) Bataleon She-W

Key features
  • Poplar wood core with laid bamboo
  • Carbon stringers for increased pop
  • Maintenance-free base
  • Soft flex rating

This snowboard is designed to be a good park board that will give you great performance when doing tricks and jumps. It has a soft flex rating but with progression that helps give you control. 

The board has a wide center base that increases the stability you’ll feel throughout your freestyle riding experience. The She-W was designed with the features of the popular Bataleon Global Warmer in mind. This is a higher-end snowboard that is priced towards the upper end of the price spectrum.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

This board stands out with a Biax Laminate on the base. It has a high molecular content, the highest available for an extruded base. The base is highly durable, very slick, and requires no maintenance. 

The She-W was modeled after Bataleon’s already popular Global Warmer board. This is a high-performance snowboard for experienced freestyle and park riders, but it can be good for newer snowboarders as well. It’s very forgiving, which makes it good for those trying out new tricks and parks.

What's not so good about it?

The board is a little bit pricey, but other than that, there’s not a lot to say about what’s not good about it. 

This is a good snowboard for women who want to freestyle and park ride and can even hold its own down the slopes.

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Soft flex rating but core strengthened with bamboo
  • Highest molecular content for super slick base
  • Explosive pop
  • Expensive
  • Can’t be shipped outside of US or Canada

2) Burton Story Board available for $449 on Amazon

Key features
  • Directional shape
  • Medium to stiff flex rating
  • Versatile design
  • 3-year warranty

This snowboard, made by one of the leaders in the industry, is an all mountain board meant to give women the ultimate free-riding experience. The idea behind the board was to create something for women who like to play hard on the mountain. 

The design makes it a snowboard that will give you amazing performance on days where there’s tons of powder or the days where everything’s packed and you’re skimming over the top of it all. This is a premium board so it comes with a price that’s high on the range.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

The Story Board is highly versatile. It is well balanced and can be ridden in all different kinds of terrain. Its price is above all of the others on our list but with good reason. The board handles well in whatever kind of snow you find yourself in. 

Burton designed the Story Board to give women a board that could take them anywhere and give them impressive performance no matter what. Prior to this board, women were choosing men’s boards because there wasn’t a good option for them that offered what the Story Board now does.

What's not so good about it?

Obviously, if you’re on a tight budget, this snowboard may be out of your price range as it’s very pricey. Also, there are only two size options so that’s a limitation. 

The board is really just for expert riders. The features make it too advanced for those just starting out or who haven’t been riding very long.

  • Super versatile
  • Highly poppy and snappy
  • Performs well in different snow conditions
  • Limited size options
  • Only for expert riders
  • Pricey

3) Jones Air Heart

Key features
  • Triple density wood core with bamboo stringers and paulownia for light-weight durability
  • Ultra-high molecular weight
  • 2 color options
  • Factory-waxed so ready on arrival

The Jones Airheart is meant to give women a good option for an all mountain board that is of elite status. Whether you want to just carve your way down the mountain or you want to do some jumps here and there, this board has all the features you need. 

It handles with agility and stability for however you want to ride. This is a premium board that you’ll pay a decent price for, but you get a lot for your money. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

The Jones Airheart has features that make it able to perform well in all kinds of terrain. In the core of the board, there are bamboo stringers that give it additional pop but with paulownia as well so it’s not too heavy. 

The nose and the tail are designed with the Spoon 2.0 feature which makes it turn more smoothly and catch less. Jones also added something to the new version of this snowboard, a Carbon Innegra layer that sits just under the top sheet. It makes the board more torsionally stiff and gives it a better response time to anything done by the rider.

What's not so good about it?

It doesn’t handle powder as well as some of the other boards in its category. 

While it is a pretty versatile board, it has its limitations, so it really can’t be considered a one-board-does-all kind of snowboard. 

Also, it’s on the high end of the price range.

  • Good all terrain board
  • Great performance and fast
  • Highly responsive
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not budget friendly
  • Not a one-board-does-all snowboard
  • Moderate float

4) Burton Feelgood Flying V

Key features
  • Carbon highlights for less weight
  • Squeezebox High core profiling
  • Directional shaping for varying conditions
  • Twin flex for switch riding

Another board by Burton that makes our list is the Feelgood Flying V. This board is more classic and built for all around snowboarding that’s fun and feels good. It’s a lightweight board that maneuvers smoothly and easily. 

This board gives you all the advantages you can get in its design, so you can progress in your skills like a pro. It performs well in different kinds of conditions and can handle varying terrains. The price for this one is more in the mid-range so it's a good all-around board.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

This snowboard is Burton’s most proven women’s board. The design has won over women year after year since the year 2000 and is the longest-running women’s board that Burton makes. 

The carbon highlights keep the board light and coupled with the Squeezebox High core profiling, they also give the board more poppiness. No matter what your skill level is, this board has something that will benefit you.

What's not so good about it?

The Feelgood Flying V isn’t the fastest board on the mountain. It’s more playful than anything. 

While the board is good for doing different kinds of riding, it wouldn’t be good as a standalone board if you really get into freestyling and park riding. 

It has a medium flex rate so there’s not enough flexibility to really work well for some of the more serious tricks and jumps you might want to do.

  • Trusted, proven design
  • Light-weight
  • Good edge-to-edge handling
  • Very versatile
  • Not a true standalone board
  • Not a speedster
  • Handles fair in packed snow and ice but not as well as others

5) Arbor Swoon Rocker

Key features
  • The Rocker System-progressive parabolic arc rocker profile combined with triradial Grip Tech sidecut design
  • Natural shaping intersections for heel and toe contact points
  • Thunderhead tip for speed
  • Fully wrapped sidewall for durability

The Arbor Swoon Rocker is meant to be an affordable option for women who like to ride in powder and shred down the slopes pretty quick. 

It’s an all mountain style board that’s really playful in nature and has great pop. The Rocker technology that Arbor has included in this snowboard’s construction makes this a great cruising board and so easy to turn. 

The price is more of a mid-range point, but the board performs much like the high end snowboards in its same group. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

This board stands out in its category because it gives you everything you would get in a high-end more premium level board but at a much lower price. 

Also, the rocker system gives you butter-like turns in almost any kind of condition. The topsheet is made of bamboo which gives this board added strength and makes it more durable.

What's not so good about it?

This snowboard didn’t perform as well as some people wanted at great speed because it’s a rocker board. It does have Arbor’s Grip Tech sidecut incorporated into the design, but it still doesn’t make the board the right choice for people wanting to get down the mountain at super speeds. 

  • High-end performance at affordable price
  • Fun rocker surfy feel
  • Easy handling and quick turns
  • Doesn’t ship out of US
  • Too stiff for park riding
  • Not the greatest in icy conditions

6) Jones Twin Sister

Key features
  • Natural base with carbon for speed
  • Dual-density wood core with poplar and paulownia keeps weight down
  • Multi-axis, fiberglass laminate for ultra-responsiveness
  • Directional twin shape with Camrock profile

Our second Jones board on the list is the Twin Sister. It’s slightly less expensive than the above-mentioned Air Heart. 

This is an all mountain women’s snowboard that is versatile enough to use in any kind of terrain and any kind of snow conditions. 

Jones incorporated their Traction Tech into the Twin Sister to keep the board engaged in all turns, even in firm snow conditions. The price for this board is more toward the mid-range of the snowboards in its class.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

When you purchase a Jones board, it comes ready to go straight up to the mountain. The boards are factory-waxed, so they’re ready for shredding right out of the box. 

This board excels in extreme powder conditions. It also has exceptional edge hold that’s good for hard, icy snow. 

The Twin Sister is super light, one of the lightest in its category. You can take this board all over the mountain no matter what the terrain is. 

What's not so good about it?

While the makers rate the board at a medium stiffness, it rides more like a hard stiffness. The Twin Sister doesn’t flex much at all. 

It wouldn’t be the best for park riding. The board has a moderate pop rating. 

You can start your jumps pretty easily, but your landings might be a little unforgiving. 

  • Flawless edge hold
  • Maintains stability at high speed
  • Very responsive
  • Extremely good in powder
  • Slightly rigid
  • Unforgiving on landing jumps
  • Not the best for park riding

7) Capita Birds Of A Feather

Key features
  • Hybrid camber profile to integrate pop of cambered board with ease of zero or reverse camber
  • Carbon fiber beams
  • Lightweight dual core of poplar and beech for durability and power
  • Fortress Kevlar bound sidewalls

Capita’s Birds of a Feather women’s snowboard is one of the most popular you’ll find. This model has won design award after design award and has inspired many other manufacturers to try and make something to compete with this board. 

The board is an all mountain board that works well in any terrain. It’s a hybrid-camber style board that’s been updated with a Special Blend fiberglass application that makes it more responsive to the rider. One of the greatest things about the board is its price. It is priced in the lower end of the range.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

The standout details about this board start with its price. You can get an all over the mountain board that is still friendly to your budget. Also, this board is built to last. 

Between the poplar and beech core and the Kevlar bound sidewalls, this board is extremely durable. You’ll find that Birds of a Feather has good edge hold, is pretty stable even at high speeds, and has good pop for jumping.

What's not so good about it?

While this board performs well in some different terrains, it’s not the best in powder. The board tends to sink in thick powder. 

The flex of this board is somewhere in the mid-range so it’s not as playful as some of the others, but it loosens up with more use. 

  • Inexpensive option
  • Insane edge control, almost impossible to catch
  • Very durable
  • True all over mountain board
  • Sinks in powder
  • Pretty rigid to start
  • Moderate rating for stability at speed

8) Yes Snowboards Emoticon

Key features
  • UnderBite edges to enhance turning and hold
  • Camrock style for freestyle finesse
  • Poplar base that’s durable, flexible, and light weight
  • Extruded base for a speedy ride

YES, created their Emoticon snowboard to be highly responsive, with edge divots called the UnderBite along the sides of the bindings that redistribute weight so that turns are smooth from beginning to end. 

The board is also playful and intuitive, so your ride is fun and adventurous. This is a board that is just about making your ride the best that it can be at a price that most people can afford. This board is priced at the low end of the range.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

The Emoticon has a unique Camrock design that combines camber and rocker styles in one board. Because of that, it can pop off a jump great and land with more forgiveness than your usual camber boards. 

The other real standout feature for this board is the UnderBite edges. There are divots cut in the sides of the board right under your bindings. This gives less edge that actually contacts the snow and redistributes the weight of the rider making turns easier and smoother. 

What's not so good about it?

The Emoticon is a pretty straight forward board so if you want something that has more advanced technology, this isn’t the board for you. 

The board isn’t really made for a ton of speed either. The Emoticon is pretty versatile but in terrain that changes quickly, it isn’t that great at handling.

  • Inexpensive
  • UnderBite for good edge hold
  • Good all-around board
  • Camrock design gives versatility
  • Board is pretty basic
  • Not good at high speed
  • Challenging in terrain changes

9) Coalition Snow MYTH

Key features
  • Dual hybrid camber design for playfulness and control
  • Full birch wood core
  • Chatter eliminating construction

The Myth has been featured as one of the Top 10 Best Women’s Snowboards for All Styles of Riding. It’s a versatile board that gives women the ability to ride anywhere on the mountain that they want to. 

The Myth has dual hybrid camber built into the design that gives you incredible edge hold. This board can handle any kind of terrain, as well as some freestyle riding in the park. The Myth is priced in the mid to high range for women’s all mountain snowboards.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

As mentioned above, the Myth was named one of the best all styles of riding boards for women. So, it stands out for its versatility. 

You can take this board down the mountain at high speeds, but also make some passes through the terrain park, making jumps and trying tricks. The board has great edge hold and is playful while still being really stable.

What's not so good about it?

This board is really an all-around star. One minor downfall is it’s a little bit heavier than other boards in its category. 

The core is full birch wood. Other than that, it’s a little bit toward the pricier side.

  • Super versatile
  • Underfoot camber gives amazing control
  • Strong edge hold
  • High speed stability
  • Kind of pricey
  • Fairly heavy

10) K2 Bright Light available for $299 on Amazon

Key features
  • Durable Hybritech construction for easy turning
  • Directional Rocker Baseline for all terrain riding
  • Medium flex for forgiving, fun play
  • Rhythm core shaped to complement the female rider

The K2 Bright Lite was designed with performance in mind but with a smoothness and ease. It’s built to be light weight and very playful. 

This is a good all over the mountain board that can handle any kind of terrain with whatever conditions you’re faced with. 

This is a great choice for someone who needs to stick to a lower budget choice. The price is on the low end of the range.

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other snowboards?

For starters, this snowboard is priced so that it won’t break the bank. The board also features a unique shape called the Rhythm core that is tailored to how women ride, their mechanics, and their geometry. 

The Bright Lite was designed with a Directional Rocker Baseline that is an all-purpose profile meant to make this the ideal all-terrain board for all over the mountain riding.

What's not so good about it?

This board does well in all different types of riding, but it really won’t challenge you to progress in your riding skills. 

It’s a fun board that can take some jumps and tricks in the park, but it gets a little unstable at really fast speeds. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Good versatility
  • Rhythm core unique to women
  • Won’t challenge advanced riders
  • Unstable at high speed
  • Doesn’t ship out of US

In conclusion...

Snowboarding is fun and gives you a great way to stay active through the cold, winter months. 

But finding the right snowboard can be a little overwhelming with so many options out there to choose from. 

Just know that there’s a snowboard that will fit your budget, your skill level, and your riding style. 

With a little effort and research, you’ll find the best women’s snowboard for your needs. Hopefully, we’ve already helped you to get a good start right here.

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