Do We Need to Take Supplements?
Some people are completely averse to taking extra supplements and vitamins outside their daily food intake. The logic here is simple: if you have nutritious food regularly, do you really need to take something extra? Maybe, yes. Our daily recipes sometimes do not contain the extra nutrients that our body requires, especially if we are a picky eater or if we are always eating in a hurry.
Your body might be in serious need of supplements even when you are not aware of it. The vitamins and minerals that are included in the supplements available in the market are a source of everything we are not getting from our regular meals. Here's why we need these supplements in our lives.

Multivitamins are the most popular supplements in the market and contain different types of Vitamins: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K, as well as Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium. Yes, most of these Vitamins are available in the right food ingredients, except Vitamin D, which is obtained from sunlight. However, unless we are mindful of taking every single kind of food out there every day, from leafy greens to citrusy fruits, we cannot get the required amount of Vitamins and Minerals needed for the body.

Moreover, the chief sources of Vitamin B12 comes from meat, dairy and fish, which is something that vegetarians don't eat. Multivitamins are the main source of Vitamin B12 for these vegans, because this particular vitamin keep our blood cells and our nerves healthy.
Calcium is probably the second most important supplement, extremely significant for healthy bones and teeth. It is particularly women – mainly, pregnant women – who need this supplement more than anyone else. Female bones have a tendency to become brittle with age, more so if they have children. Especially in pregnancy, calcium supplements are vital for both the baby's bone structure and the mother's.

Calcium is needed for the body to absorb Vitamin D from the sun. Without calcium, there's no use taking Vitamin D supplements because the body cannot process it. Elderly people also need regular dosage of calcium to keep their deteriorating bones healthy. In food, calcium is available in dairy products and fish, but not the amount that is needed for an adult.

Vitamin D

Nature has intended us to spend a few hours under the sun every day, something which might not be possible for everyone, especially for people who work indoors all day! Besides, the sun is not really a good source of Vitamin D these days, with all the harmful UV rays we get from it.

Supplements are the perfect way to get some Vitamin D inside our bodies, but they need to be coupled with some calcium tablets. Human bodies can't properly absorb Vitamin D without some Calcium, which is why these two supplements ususally come together.
Omega-3 is really good for our heart and bones and can be found in fatty fish from cold water. Since fish isn't consumed daily and in bulk in most households, the best source for this nutrient is through Omega-3 supplements, which are also known as Fish Oil capsules. These supplements are extremely beneficial for us; beside heart and bone health, Omega-3 also keeps Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in check, and helps in joint pain, eczema and chronic pain. People who take these supplements regularly also reduce their chances of getting Alzheimer's disease, breast-, color- and prostate cancer, and a few cardiovascular diseases.

Although salmon, herring, anchovies and sardines are good sources of Omega-3, supplements provide the appropriate amount needed for the human body. Especially in growing boys and girls, regular consumption of Omega-3 capsules can make a huge difference in their future health.

No matter how hard we try to eat healthy, there will be times when we binge on junk food, eat something unhealthy or just skip meals altogether. These things will happen but the right supplements can provide us with the nutrition we need to live a healthy life. So yes, the basic supplements and vitamins should definitely be a part of our lives!

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