ELAC Debut F5 and F6 Floorstanding Speakers Side by Side

ELAC Debut F5 and F6 Floorstanding Speakers Side by Side

Among the speakers in the ELAC Debut series, the F5 and F6 speakers are very close siblings with only slight differences apart from the price. The F5, the smaller of the two floorstanding sets, have enjoyed much praise for their affordability and yet their impressive sound quality, and the F6 seem to do the same.

What do They Have in Common?


  • Colour and finish: The cabinets of both are constructed of MDF and come with a sleek black vinyl finish, and look very similar beneath their covers. The F6 has a little more chrome than the F5, though both look and feel impressive. 
  • Connectivity: Both speakers have wired connectivity only - like the ELAC bookshelf setsthey lack Bluetooth connections. 
  • Tweeter and Woofer material: The design of the speaker’s tweeters and woofers are the same, each sporting a silk-dome tweeter with a custom waveguiding construction to prevent cabinet distortion and woven aramid fiber woofers for smoother bass sounds.
  • Cabinet design: The design of the cabinet for both is a custom three-way design with an isolated tweeter and first woofer, three rear dual-flared vents, and internal cabinet bracing to increase stability.

So What’s the Difference?

  • Power Range: While the F5 speakers have an RMS wattage of 140 watts, the F6 increase an additional 10 watts to 150.
  • Woofer size: Though the material for the woofers is the same as its sister set, the F6 speakers have slightly larger 6.5-inch woofers compared to the F5’s 5.25-inch set.The ELAC F6
  • Overall size: The F5 speakers are slightly smaller versions of the slightly larger, slightly heavier F6 pair; they weigh in at about 33 pounds compared to 47 pounds for the F6 and measure at slightly smaller dimensions.

Side by Side Comparison:

It’s unclear which, if either, offers better sound quality overall, though the larger woofers on the F6 pair seem to suggest more potential for powerful, comprehensive sound, due to it's having slightly more power, size, and larger woofers. 

Looking at both sets, however, users describe the sound emanating from these speakers of the ELAC Debut series as impressive, complete, and of high quality. The speakers seem to emphasize, or at least make more apparent, guitar effects such as the strike of a pick and yield slightly sharper minute sounds than your average floorstanding set. The speaker’s woofers boast a weighty bass and blast a great deal of sound for their small size, enough, in fact, to perhaps preclude the need for a subwoofer, even for rock and electro music enthusiasts.

While both speaker sets are sometimes criticized for their short stature and shallow cabinet, their design nevertheless wins praise for its apparent durability. The cabinet’s bracing and structure, coupled with the custom designed tweeter and woofers for optimized pure sound, appear to pleased users like they will be around to blast quality sound for a long time to come.


Article by: Elle
2 August 2016

Creative and technical writer

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