Five Surprising Factors That Consumers Often Overlook When Visiting The Mattress Store

Five Surprising Factors That Consumers Often Overlook When Visiting The Mattress Store

Armed with cash and ready to compare prices, a lot of mattress shoppers are looking for the ideal blend of both comfort and durability. If you want to get optimum value from this purchase, however, there are a number of additional factors that you'll need to consider. Following are five surprising things that people often overlook when heading out to make these important investments.

Mattress Materials And The Odors They Carry
If you haven't been thinking of a new mattress as a significant investment, this is your first mistake. This product will play the greatest role in determining how well you sleep, how much energy you have each day and whether or not you suffer from problems like chronic back pain. For those who are sensitive to chemicals and strong smells, however, it is important to go beyond looking for the right amount of softness, firmness or flexibility. Certain mattresses are known to have strong, chemical odors as soon as they are unboxed and set up.This is especially true with memory foam mattresses. The good news is that the longer they air out before use, the less pervasive these smells will invariably become. Bearing this in mind, if you absolutely have to have a memory foam mattress, be sure to open it up and let it air out several days before use. These products are vacuum packed and tightly bound in plastic. This gives them little opportunity to breathe while in storage and thus, they'll need some time to puff up, assume their ideal shape and let off noxious chemical gas buildup. You may even get special instructions for airing your new foam mattress out from the mattress store that you've placed your order with.

Another important factor to consider is how likely your new mattress is to attract and retain allergens. Dust, dust mites, pet dander and more could quickly become the bane of your existence if you opt to buy a low-cost,low-quality, inner spring mattress. Other mattress designs are still subject to accumulating allergens, but not at such a rapid rate. If you suffer from asthma, chronic allergies or any serious respiratory condition, avoid innerspring mattresses entirely or look for a good, allergen reducing mattress cover. Natural latex, standard foam and memory foam are all good choices to consider. If your allergies or respiratory ailments are severe, however, an allergen blocking cover is essential, no matter which mattress design you ultimately choose.

Making Everyone Comfortable
Shopping for a mattress doesn't require the same level of compromise that it did in the past. Couples can now invest in products that are designed to accommodate both parties needs, no matter how different these happen to be.Sure, you'll pay a bit more for these options, but everyone is guaranteed to get much better value and far better rest in the end. The best options to look for are hybrid beds that include a combination of memory foam and latex,adjustable airbeds and multi-zone airbeds. When shopping the mattress store,make sure that both parties have the opportunity to review mattress features and offer input before any orders are finalized.

Comparing mattress prices on their own is not enough for ensuring optimal value. You have to account for all the costs that this purchase will entail.This is especially true if you intend to have your new mattress delivered. Some of the best suppliers in the industry offer free delivery on all mattress purchases and others offer free delivery on purchases that exceed a specific dollar amount. Keep in mind that online orders that get shipped by freight may not be dropped at your actual doorstep. Check with the seller to learn more about the delivery terms and conditions and to see whether front door delivery and setup are available at a reasonable cost.

Nuances In Your Bed Design
 Mattresses come in standards sizes, as do most beds. Shopping the web for furniture products, however, has led some consumers to invest in bed frames with measurements that adhere to international sizing schemes. If you purchased your furniture online and are unsure of whether or not your bed was manufactured abroad, eliminate all doubt by taking a quick minute to measure for the mattress and box spring yourself. This is the best way to get a smooth, seamless fit with no gaps or overages on any side of the frame.

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Article by: Elora
8 January 2017

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