How Do You Know if You Have the Right Blender?
From the moment that you bring your blender home, there will be a hundred different ways that you can use it. Whether you are making a protein shake for your breakfast, serving fresh juice to your guests or making salsa for your Mexican dishes, you are always going to need your blender!

So, before you buy an expensive blender for your kitchen, be sure it meets these certain criterion, especially if you want to go on using it for a long time.
Most well-known brands will give you a warranty of two to five years, depending on the model and the manufacturer. If you are going to use your blender regularly around the kitchen, there is a chance your motor is going to burn out. Most warranties cover blender motor mishaps, unless you drop them, pour liquid on them, or damage them on purpose. With the right warranty, you can at least be sure to get your motor (sometimes, the jugs as well) if the appliance turns out to be a faulty one.
Blenders usually come with more than one jugs, each in different shapes and sizes. If you are going to spend some serious money on it, better get a model with a number of different sized jugs. This will make it easier for you to blend different types of ingredients for your juices, smoothies, curries and dips. Some models also come with smaller jugs with lids for carrying your drinks around.
If you are looking for sturdier jugs, look for one that is made from glass. Plastic jugs are thin and they are not very durable if you want to regularly blend hot ingredients. If this is on your agenda, it is better to look for jugs that are made from durable and thick glass. With a thick jug, you can blend hot soups and sauces without any worry.
A blender is a pretty simple appliance; the simpler the machine, the better. Just an "ON/OFF" switch and speed control is what you need on your blender. Too many options will only complicate matters because you don't really need too many option on your blender. A model that is simple will actually work better and last longer.
There is always a chance of your jug slipping out of your hand and cracking, or hot ingredients melting it, which means you might end up needing another blender. However, some companies offer jug replacement for damaged jugs; this could be a great help if you end up damaging your jug during use.
Blades that are made from stainless steel are the strongest, and they can withstand almost anything. If you are using the blender almost every day, especially to grind something hard or crush ice, you are going to need blades that are extremely durable. Stainless steel blades can also tolerate heat and strain; so, you can keep on using it without worrying about the blades deteriorating.

Also, for safety purpose, make sure the blades are inside the jugs and not on the motor! Otherwise, mistakenly turning on the motor without putting on the jug can lead to a serious injury.
A good blender is an essential part of your kitchen, and a good blender will need all of these qualities listed above. The simpler the machine, the sturdier it is - the longer it will run. You are going to need your blender for a number of activities around the kitchen, almost everything, so it is important to make sure that you end up with a good one!

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