How to Effectively Steam Your Carpets
Just vacuuming your carpets, even regularly and diligently, is not enough to keep them clean. Carpets need to be steam-cleaned every once in a while; there will be dirt, dust and stains deep inside the carpet that a vacuum cleaner cannot reach, not to mention carpets become a breeding ground for bacteria. In order to get it all out, you'll need a steamer - but it's only useful when used effectively.
Before cleaning your carpets, it is recommended that you move the furniture in the room. This can be hard if you have large furniture in the room, such as a bed or a couch. If it is not possible to move the bigger furniture, the small ones should at least be removed from the room, as well as removable belongings.

For heavier furniture that is not possible to remove, it is advisable to cover them up with wax paper, foil or plastic films so that these furniture (especially if they are made from wood) are not damaged from the steam.
Clean and dust everything in the room that is not removable, especially the furniture tops and baseboards. Otherwise, dust accumulated on them could fall on the carpets while steaming and get buried deep inside it. If your rooms have ceiling fans, they should be definitely cleaned because too much dust usually gathers on ceiling fans.
Before steaming your carpets, it is important that you vacuum it first. An ordinary vacuum cleaner would do, a model that is strong enough to pick up every little dust, dirt and debris. If you have a pet, it is important that you choose a vacuum cleaner which is pet-friendly. Ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot pick up miniscule pet hairs and they will stay hidden inside the carpet, especially a shaggy carpet.
Immediately after the carpet is vacuumed, the steamer should be started on. Only water and a mild cleaning agent is needed. Some steamer comes with special detergents that are perfect for all types of carpets. Carpet shampoos or soaps are some good options as well. They will not only clean the carpet and get rid of the dust particles, but also soften the bristles – which is important if you have a shaggy carpet for your children or pets to play on.
It is recommended that the steaming should be started from one corner, and end by covering the whole room. Strokes should be single and straight so that there are no unwanted angles left on the surface. Preferably, the exit portion of the room should be the last portion to be steamed, so that no one needs to walk on the part of the carpet that has been just steamed. Sufficient air should be present in the room where a steamer is used, because the fumes can get strong and make someone feel suffocated.
When the whole carpet has been steamed, they need to be left alone to dry before the room is used again. If possible, all doors and windows should be left open so that sufficient air can pass. But if opening all the windows mean dust to immediately gather on the carpet again, it is better not to risk exposure.
Carpets don't need to be steamed regularly; only every now and then. However, steaming carpets keep them clean, soft and bright, and this is an exercise that should be a part of your monthly cleanup regime.

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