How to most effectively use a Roomba
Gone are the days when we had to spend hours cleaning and vacuuming our homes, peaking at every corner and lurking under furniture. Instead, robotic vacuum cleaners clean our homes for us, even when we are not at home. All we need is to program them and they will do the work for us.
Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean every single room in your house, but there are some ways that you can assure that it is used effectively.
Pick the right one for your home

If you have a large house, there's no use picking a robotic vacuum that won't work for a long duration. If you end up picking a robotic vacuum that can only clean half your house and then return to recharge, it might be more of a hazard than a help.

Most robotic vacuum cleaner work for an hour or so before they need another charge. If your home is bigger and would take more than an hour to clean, you might opt for a model that has a larger battery life and a shorter charging time. Otherwise, cleaning your house can take the whole day and be a hindrance to everyone living in it.

Also, not all vacuums are suitable for all floor types, especially thick carpets. If you have any thick shaggy or high-pile rugs around your home, you may have to still clean them with a hand vacuum.
Be sure to choose a pet-friendly vacuum
That is, if you have a pet, of course! Not all robotic vacuums come with special brushes needed to pick up pet hair. Rather, an ordinary robotic vacuums that is not pet-friendly can get jammed up with pet hair. Therefore, it is very important to research and look for a vacuum that will clean up after your pets from your floors.

Pet-friendly vacuums often also come with a disinfecting feature, to help keep your home truly clean.

Clean your roomba often

Your vacuum is going to clean your house, but it is important that you clean your vacuum every now and then; at least once a week with daily use. If you are cleaning your house twice a day, you might need to clean it more frequently than that. Less than that, and there is a high chance that you will be stuck with a cleaner that leaves dirt and debris on the floor, or worse, trailing dust while it cleans.

Special brushes and kits are available for cleaning a robotic vacuum cleaner. Most vacuums are fairly easy to clean, but refer to your instruction manual before taking any pieces off or wetting your device.
Change the filters regularly
Filters should be changed at least every two to three months if you want it to work perfectly on a daily basis. Changing your vacuum's filters every few months will guarantee that it captures dirt and debris effectively and not leave anything behind. Replacement filters are available in sets of three.

There are also replenishment kits available for most robotic vacuums, containing replacement filters and replacement vacuum brushes. These are actually handy and should be kept ready at home.

Even a few years ago, the idea of a robot cleaning our homes automatically would have seemed like something straight out of the Jetsons future. Robotic vacuums didn't just revolutionize cleaning, it saves us a lot of time and effort. In a few ways, we can make it an even bigger help to our busy lives, and increase the effectiveness of it's cleaning routine by following these tips.

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