iPod Nano 7th vs "8th" Gen - Differences, Reviews, Pros and Cons Compared

iPod Nano 7th Generation iPod Nano 8th Generation
iPod Nano 7th Generation iPod Nano 8th Generation

Apple has outdone itself with iPod Nano 7th generation. It is smaller, thinner and lighter than the previous iPod Nano devices. They added a home button similar to iPhone and iPod Touch with the same basic functions, and got rid of the signature Apple clickwheel.

Though the design was changed quite a bit from Apple’s previous mp3 players, most of the functions remain the same. The 7th Nano runs on iOS and it treats all its main features like applications (although it cannot access the App Store and does not have a camera or access to the internet). On this device, users can play movies and TV Shows, and with the 2.5-inch screen, the videos are surprisingly clear. It has 240x432 pixel resolution and multi-touch display.

The iPod Nano 8th generation is unofficially classified as a new generation, but it’s specifications are identical to the previous iPod Nano 7th generation. It’s the same as the 7th gen, but updated with slightly newer software and more color availability. It has a same 2.5-inch touch screen and a touch-inspired body, and it still doesn’t support applications from the App Store or have a camera.

However, this is a great basic ultra-portable media player.   It also has a built-in pedometer and connects to Nike+, unlike it’s predecessor, but the batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced.  You can listen to your favorite music on it and if you shake the iPod Nano it will shuffle to a different song in your music library. Also, you can connect your iPod Nano to speakers, headphones, or your car radio wirelessly using Bluetooth.

Side by Side: How do They Compare?

Both iPod Nano 7th generation and iPod Nano “8th” generation are identically good. They have two differences, first being the new colors that are available with the latest generation and second being the minimum PC/Mac requirements to sync the device. With purchasing iPod Nano 7th generation you can choose between White and Silver, but when it comes to iPod Nano 8th generation, you can choose whether you like it Pink, Gold, Blue or Silver. iPod Nano 7th generation will cost you about $50 less and you will get the exact same technical specifications as the “8th” gen. If you want to shell out the extra cash to get a larger colour selection, then go with the newer version. But when it comes to technical specifications they are identical: 

  • Both of them can connect to Bluetooth.  

  • You can watch movies on both iPod Nano 7th generation and 8th by first downloading it from the iTunes or downloaded in a recognizable format to the iPod Nano. 

  • You can view pictures or videos which have been uploaded from your computer. 

  • You can’t take a picture or record videos, as the device lacks a camera. 

  • Neither of the devices connect to wifi without an adapter. 

Deals for iPod Nano 7th Generation
Deals for iPod Nano 8th Generation
Full comparison
iPod Nano 7th Generation iPod Nano 8th Generation
Colour Selection Silver, White Gold, Pink, Blue, Silver, Space grey, Red (Product RED)
iTunes version 10 or 11 12.2 or later only
Fitness Features None Nike+ and Accelerometer
Size 76.5mmx39.6mm 76.5mmx39.6mm
Weight 31 grams 31 grams
Capacity 16GB 16GB
Display 2.5" LCD 2.5" LCD
Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0
Video Format Support 720 by 576 pixels, 30fps 720 by 576 pixels, 30fps
Battery Life Music playback time 30 hours: Video playback time 3.5 hours Music playback time 30 hours: Video playback time 3.5 hours
Headphones Apple Earpods (3.5mm headphone jack) Apple Earpods (3.5mm headphone jack)
Charging Lightning Cable Lightning Cable
View options for iPod Nano 7th Generation View options for iPod Nano 8th Generation

Article by: Ines
11 January 2017

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