The Sunny P8700 Treadmill is the Best Bang for Your Buck

Sunny P8700
Reviewed item: Sunny P8700
Reviewer rating: 4.0 / 5

Not everyone in this day and age has the time to go to and from the gym, nor does everyone have the space in their houses or apartments for large and expensive exercise machines. It's no surprise that compact, simple products like the Sunny P8700 treadmill are proving to be so popular lately. 

The main benefit of the P8700 is how little space it takes up and the ease with which it can be stored. The frame itself is incredibly light and compact. When not in use, the belt itself can be folded up and secured out of the way. The machine is self-assembled but should take somebody just under an hour to erect it, and a DIY enthusiast will probably finish it even quicker.

The downside to having a little light machine that is easy to store is that this treadmill is slimmer than the treadmills that you many find in the gym. Due to the narrow belt and the maximum user weight of 220 lbs, however, this equipment is better suited to a runner of a smaller build and not a larger person looking to start a fitness regime.

One of the main advantages of home work-outs is being able to watch television or listen to music, so the IPad/Ipod holder is very convenient. Plus any runner will be able to hear over the top of the belt due it being satisfyingly quiet.

The incline on the machine does not get particularly steep, even on it’s highest setting, making it a little unsuitable for more hardcore gym enthusiasts looking to increase their HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) performance. However, the lack of incline makes this machine great value for money for someone looking to take light jogs or long walks, and who might not want to waste money on a variety of features that they will never use.

The main screen offers all of the necessary information (speed, time, distance, calories etc) and is simple to navigate, although an ‘end of workout’ reading and a Pause button are noticeably absent and very much missed, especially for those of us who are constantly having to halt proceedings to retie our shoelaces.

The Before-You-Buy Takeaway: 

For a little compact treadmill that is very cheaply priced, this machine is the perfect piece of equipment for someone looking to moderately increase their level of fitness and hit their necessary step count in their comfort of their own living room. If you're looking for a high-intensity machine full of unique features to help you train for your next marathon, this little machine won't cut it. But for the average cough-to-5km runner who just wants to get in shape without the hassle, it'll fit the bill (quite literally).  

Article by: Jess
8 July 2016

I'm a freelance theatrical stage manager enjoying a busy and vibrant lifestyle in central London. I am interested in living a healthy lifestyle and therefore have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooking, kitchen gadgets, baking and fitness equipment. I am also a meticulous home maker and take an interest in good quality home furnishings, furniture and linen. Due to working in such a technical industry I am always on aware of the best audio and visual equipment for work and at home, and am always keen to own the newest gadgets on the market.

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