Taking Care of your Luggage after a Trip
You might be staying at a five-star resort or backpacking through the country, your luggage is definitely going to get dirty and dented after a trip. Before you pack it away until the next time, it is important that your bags are cleaned thoroughly and aired. Here's how you can take care of your luggage.
All traces of dirt and debris need to be removed with a brush, especially from the wheels. If you have been dragging your luggage through dirt and greenery, a large amount of dirt is definitely going to be logged inside the wheels. If left inside while putting the luggage away, the dirt can get permanently jammed inside and damage the wheels.
Cleaning the bags need to be done with a damp piece of cloth. Under no circumstances should your luggage be submerged under water or cleaned under running water. Doing so will damage the fabric, especially if it is made from leather. Don't use water to clean the bags, rather, wring a cloth out completely by twisting it well to remove all traces of water before cleaning your luggage.
Luggage comes with cleaning instructions, so be sure to read them thoroughly before cleaning your suitcases. Some cleaning solutions might be unsuitable for the fabric of your luggage and it is important to stay clear of those. For example, luggage made from polyester needs to be cleaned with water and mild soap, using a rag; leather suitcases will require a special cleaning solution that is not suitable for polyester or nylon bags.
If your luggage is made from polyester or nylon, special brushes are needed. Harsh brushes can leave marks on the surface or damage it. Most luggage come with some complementary brushes for cleaning; or they are easily available for purchase at the same stores.
Edges, zips, handles, locks, wheels – these are known as the hardware of your luggage, even when the body is made of leather or polyester. These hardware needs to be cleaned with a brush and then polished with special steel wool for some luster. Zips can be re-sealed using nail varnish or lacquer.
Luggage needs to be stored someplace cool where it can get enough air. Don't store away your bags when they are still wet from lacquer or from cleaning, but keep them out in natural air for some time. If possible, a few dryer sheets inside the luggage will keep it from musky smells and molding.
Good luggage is a pretty big investment, and as long as you take care of it, it can take care of your needs for years to come. Maintenance is important, especially if you want to find it in a good shape before your next trip. It doesn't take much time to clean suitcases and bags, but only the smallest actions can help your luggage last years.

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