Taking care of your Personal Treadmill
Your treadmill is going to take care of your health, but it is also important that you take care of it regularly. It is especially crucial that you keep your treadmill clean and dust-free if you want to use it for years, with all the features the treadmill has to offer. Besides, this is a machine that is going to be used quite extensively by more than one member of the family, and you all want to keep your eyes open for any signs of tear or dysfunction.

Just as any other electrical appliances or machines, your treadmill is also going to need regular and thorough care to run smoothly.
Regular inspection every now and then

Whether it is a manual treadmill or an electric one, regular inspection and updates are required, especially if you don't want to meet with any unexpected accidents. Some of the bolts and screws may come loose with regular use which needs tightening; the running belt may also need replacing if your treadmill has been extensively used. The running belt, however strong and durable, may show signs of tear around the edge, which can become a problem while running. If there are any kind of tears or fraying on the belt, it is important that the belt is changed or repaired.

The running deck may be become dry with use and will need regular lubrication, as well. The screws around the frame can become loose with constant running and needs to be tightened. In short, it is very important that the entire treadmill is closely inspected every now and then for any kind of problems.

Cleaning after every use
You would never not shower after working out, and in the same way, you should always clean your machine (at least superficially) after using it. It is very normal to sweat extensively while you are running on the treadmill, and the excessive sweat can accumulate on the running belt. This will make the belt slippery and wet, which is potentially dangerous for the next person. The running belt needs to be cleaned with a dry cloth after every use, especially if the person using it sweats a lot while exercising. Even when used by family members, it is hygienic to clean the treadmill after someone has used and sweated on it – both the running belt and the handle.

If possible, the treadmill needs to be used somewhere with fresh air available; exercising and sweating in an enclosed location with increase the chances of unwanted body odor around the treadmill. Use a fan, open a window, or make sure that the AC is on while your're getting your cardio on.

Thorough cleaning every week

Though it may take some time, it is important that the treadmill is thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. This includes dusting or wiping the whole surface with a dry cloth and then, cleaning specific portions with a damp cloth. No soap, cleaning solvents or detergents are needed to clean a treadmill; rather, it may damage the sensitive equipment. If this is an electrical treadmill, the surface of the display needs to be dusted regularly and then wipes with a damp wash cloth. The device may get damaged and malfunction if dust is accumulated inside.
Lubrication when Required
Only dusting and wiping may be enough for the surface of the treadmill, but the internal parts needs to be taken care of, as well. Special lubrication is available for treadmills that need to be used only when required. Instruction manuals that come with the treadmills clearly indicate when, and in what amount, the lubrication needs to be used. Using too much too often may actually end up damaging the parts, and is not recommended. The instruction guide or the owner's manual will tell you when and how to lubricate the machine and it is very important to follow the instructions.

Treadmills are expensive; you only buy one or two of them in your entire life. Besides, not one single person uses a personal treadmill, but numeral members of the family. Regular inspections and cleanup is very important if you want your treadmill to last you years and years!

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