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Top 10 Embroidery Machines for 2019

Embroidery and sewing isn't just an art form - it's a lifestyle. Whether you're a beginner looking for something simple to help create and decorate your textiles, or you're someone who will need hundreds of different stitch types for your meticulous work, these embroidery machines will help get the job done.

For some people, an embroidery machine is simply a convenient tool to keep at home; for others, it is a medium to personalize and decorate your belongings. You can do almost anything with fabric if you have a good embroidery machine with you: sew, mend, design or unleash your creativity around the house. With so many great machines out there, it may be difficult to know which one will work best for your creative endeavors.

Features to consider in buying embroidery machine

If you are new to this, choosing a good embroidery machine can be quite confusing. There are some very elegant and hi-tech machines available in the market, but you need to find the one with the most important and useful features.

What features should I look for in an embroidery machine?

  • Number of hoops and size. Most low-priced machines can only embroider a very small area, but if you are looking to making something extravagant, you would need a bigger field. When buying an embroidery machine, it is important to find one that comes with at least a few hoop shapes and sizes. Otherwise, you might have to buy extra ones. 
  • Software. Some machines come with a specialized design software that you can use to create, edit, and store designs before presenting them on fabric. This is only available in the more expensive, high-end machines. 
  • Ability to sew (not just embroidery). You'll of course need a machine that you can use to both sew and embroider, because most designs that you create will need some sewing as well. 
  • Warranty. Your machine is going to need cleaning, maintaining, and servicing regularly. So, it is better to get one that comes with a warranty. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What is computerized embroidery?
    In modern times, most of the commercial embroidery that we see are done with the help of computers. If the design is put inside the computer, it can be quickly copied on a fabric of your choice by the computer itself. 
  • Can you sew with an embroidery machine?
    Ordinary "Embroidery Only" machines cannot be used for sewing but if you invest in a more expensive model, you can use it to sew as well as embroider. Some models also come with a removable embroidery unit that you can remove when you need to sew something. 
  • What type of fabric and thread can I use with an embroidery machine?
    Natural fabric such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool work best for embroidery machines, as well as quilter's cotton and terry cloth. For thread, the best and the most affordable options are rayon, polyester, cotton, and silk. Metallic threads, variegated threads, clear nylon, and solar activated threads are used for special purposes. 
Personalized clothes, decorative patterns, quilting, embroidering, table clothes, and bed spreads - you can do anything and everything if you have the right machine at home! 

1) Brother SE400

Key features
  • 4"X4" embroidery capabilities 
  • Connectivity to the Internet 
  • 25-year warranty 
  • 65 sewing stitches & 70 embroidery designs 
  • English & Spanish language 

At just over $300, the SE400 from Brother is a very interesting machine that has 4"X4" embroidery capabilities. This machine can be connected to the Internet for designs and software updates; you also get a 25-year warranty with this machine.

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

Unlike many other machines, you can use the Brother SE400 to both sew and embroider, as well as make quilts. The backlit LCD touch screen gives you access to more than 65 sewing stitches and around 70 embroidery designs built into it. When connecting the machine to iBroidery.com, you can get access to thousands of designs to try for your own. 

This machine can be operated in both English and Spanish. The Brother SE400 comes with an overcasting foot, monogramming foot, button fitting foot, embroidery foot, and buttonhole foot. 

What's not so good about it?

Machine could become quite noisy after a while; the needles tend to break often. This machine is not acceptable in countries that support 120V AC. It is difficult to sew designs smaller than 1" and you might have to re-thread the needles a few time when using. 

  • Works great for up to 4"X4" embroidery patterns 
  • Comes with in-built 65 sewing stitches and 70 embroidery designs 
  • Works in English and Spanish 
  • Connects to the Internet for downloading designs 
  • Needles break frequently 
  • Not acceptable in countries that use 120v AC.  
  • Difficult to use on smaller designs under 1" 
  • Needles need re-threading often 

2) EverSewn Hero available for $538 on Amazon

Key features
  • Expensive model 
  • Auto re-threader
  • 6.5 inch work space 
  • 40 Embroidery designs 

EverSewn has made a number of hi-tech sewing machines but their Hero model is one of their most effective. However, at over $500, this is quite an expensive machine. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

Compared to other sewing machines, this is a compact and lightweight model. It has more than 400 decorative, utility, and alphabet pattern stitches to choose from, as well as 40 embroidery designs built into it. You can use this machine to embroider designs up to 110mmX170mm patterns. 

With this machine, you get an automatic needle threader; because of this feature, you won't need to re-thread your needles again and again when using the EverSewn Hero. It also comes with 8 pressure feet and a work space of 6.5 inches. 

What's not so good about it?

This machine should be used for household materials only, not something strong like denim or leather. The instructions are minimal and not really helpful. The embroidery hoop area isn't really that big. This is better as a sewing machine than as an embroidery machine.

  • Can be connected to the internet to download design
  • Automatic rethreader 
  • Compact and lightweight material 
  • 8 pressure foot and 6.5 inch work space 
  • Not fit for strong material like denim or leather 
  • Minimal instructions 
  • Small embroidery area 
  • Better as a sewing machine
  • Complicated functions on machine 

3) Janome Memory Craft 400E available for $1175 on Amazon

Key features
  • Very expensive at slightly less than $1500
  • Color display 
  • Large work space 
  • 160 embroidery designs 
  • 6 monogram fonts 

The Memory Craft 400E from Janome is one of the most expensive embroidery machine available in the market, but at a price slightly less than $1500, it has more features than any other similar machines. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

The Memory Craft 400E has a larger work space than any other embroidery machines, around 7.9"X7.9". It has 6 different fonts for monogramming NS 160 built-in embroidery designs. You can sew at a top speed of 860 SPM with this machine; this machine comes with the coveted advanced needle-threader and automatic thread cutter - an attractive feature. 

The color LCD screen allows you to choose any design you want, directly transferred via USB card. You can adjust and choose from different speed settings according to your design and experience level. 

What's not so good about it?

This is definitely a more expensive machine. The price is fine if you are a commercial user but probably too much for a hobby. Some customers have complained that this machine comes with too many options and features, which may be difficult for a beginner to understand. 

  • Abundance of features 
  • 6 monogram fonts 
  • Large 7.9"X7.9" work space 
  • 160 embroidery design 
  • Adjustable sewing speed 
  • Too expensive 
  • Too complicated for beginners 
  • Heavy and busty model 

4) Brother PE540D

Key features
  • 35 built-in Disney designs 
  • 70 decorative designs 
  • Affordable pricing at under $300 
  • 5 embroidery fonts 
  • 4"X4" work space 

From the renowned company Brother, the PE540D is a special, fun embroidery machine that especially caters to cartoon designs. If you are a commercial crafter or you love creating masterpieces for children, this is definitely a machine to look into. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

Unlike other embroidery machines in the market, the Brother PE54OD caters specifically to the children's market. This machine comes with 35 built-in Disney characters as well as 70 other decorative designs - quite a number at an affordable price! It also has 5 different embroidery fonts, 120 frame and pattern combinations and a 4X4 work area. You can connect this embroidery machine to the internet to import new designs as well. 

A back lit LCD screen gives you ease of use; the built-in tutorials are easy to understand. With this machine, you get an embroidery hoop, bobbins, needles, bobbin thread, and a USB cable with it. You can work at a 400 stitches/minute rate with this machine. 

What's not so good about it?

Although it is possible to import designs from the Internet, they don't work as well as the ones already programmed into the machine. As a result, you are stuck with a limited number of designs to work on. Threads have a tendency to get tangled up with this machine. Few customers have also complained that the built-in instructions can be a little confusing. 

  • Fun embroidery machine to work with 
  • Perfect for creating projects for children 
  • 35 Disney designs & 70 decorative designs 
  • 5 monogrammed fonts 
  • 4"X4" work space 
  • Imported designs don't work very well 
  • Limited number of designs 
  • Threads get tangled up 
  • Confusing instructions 

5) Singer Futura XL-580

Key features
  • One of the most renowned brands in sewing machines 
  • 250 built-in designs 
  • 5 embroidery fonts and lettering
  • Large work space 
  • Multiple hoops 

The brand Singer has been renowned for sewing machines for decades. The Singer Futura XL-580 is one of the hi-tech embroidery and sewing machines that has all the features you are ever going to need built into one machine. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

Although slightly more expensive, this model from Singer is definitely one filled with a lot of additional features. With the Futura XL-580, you get a electronic thread trimmer, a bobbin winding system, 6 automatic one-step buttonholes, 1 endless buttonhole, a knee lifter, and a presser foot lifting. 

This model comes with an astounding number of 215 stitches built into it, as well as 5 fonts and lettering. This machine also has a LED light that is directly over the work space, letting you work just as efficiently in the dark. This is both an embroidery machine and a sewing machine built into a single machine. 

With the Futura XL-580, you get a large workplace with several embroidery hoops, ranging from 12"X20" to 6.75"X4", which means you can make anything from a table cloth to a handkerchief. 

What's not so good about it?

The Singer Futura XL-580 happens to be an extremely expensive model, especially if you are just using it as a hobby. The advanced settings may be complicated for the beginner crafter, too. The machine cannot be connected to a Mac properly and the instructions are on the complicated side. 

Designs larger than 4"X4" need to be monitored at all times when under process, because they have a tendency to get blotched. The threads also have a tendency to get tangled and break down, as well. 

  • 215 built-in designs 
  • LED light over the workspace 
  • Multiple embroidery hoops 
  • Large work space 
  • Comes with a number of attachments and accessories 
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Thread has a tendency to break and get tangled 
  • Cannot be properly connected to a Mac 
  • Larger designs need constant supervision 
  • Advanced settings and instructions

6) Singer Futura XL-400

Key features
  • Large work space 
  • Built-in 30 stitching and 125 embroidery designs 
  • 6 LED lights 
  • 25-years warranty 

At an impressionable price of just over $500, the Futura XL-400 comes from the world's favorite brand in sewing machines, Singer. This model is both a sewing and an embroidery machine, as well as a computerized embroidery system. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

Only Singer machines give you a warranty for as long as 25 years, and the Futura XL-400 is no exception. As an added feature, it comes with 6 LED lights so that you can work efficiently in the dark and without causing any strain to your eyes. 

The Singer Futura XL-400 also has 30 built-in stitches, 125 embroidery designs, 5 lettering fonts, and 2 automatic one-step buttonholes. With the computerized embroidery system, you can create any personalized design and bring it to life on fabric. A 210mm sewing space gives you the freedom to make anything from a small cushion cover to a table cloth, without having to struggle for space. 

What's not so good about it?

As a classic brand, Singer machines are in general more suitable for sewing than for embroidering. The Futura XL-400 may have encountered some problems with advanced embroidery designs. The needles have a tendency to break several times in one sitting, and the plastic bobbin casing requires replacing. Reviews have complained that the thread easily jams inside of the machine and cleaning can take a while. 

  • Large work space 
  • 25-years warranty 
  • 30 stitching and 125 embroidery designs 
  • 5 lettering fonts 
  • 6 LED lights 
  • Better for regular sewing than embroidery 
  • Plastic bobbin case needs replacing often 
  • Needles break too much 
  • Cleaning and clearing thread bird's nest takes a lot of time 

7) Brother LB6800PRW

Key features
  • Compact machine comes with a carrying bag 
  • Affordable under $500 
  • Better for sewing than embroidery 
  • 67 Sewing stitches and 70 embroidery designs 

Brother, along with Singer, happens to be the most trusted brand when it comes to sewing and embroidery machines. With the Brother LB6800PRW, you get a special Project Runway rolling bag to protect and carry your machine, all under $500.

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

The easy-to-use LCD screen helps you to choose between stitches, embroidery designs, and fonts, as well as tutorials. You can also use the Design Editing Features to rotate, enlarge, change, and make mirror images of the design you want to duplicate on fabric.  

With the Brother LB6800PRW, you get 67 sewing stitches, 70 designs, 120 frame combinations, and 5 lettering fonts to work on a 4"X4" embroidery area. Unlike other similar machines, the Brother LB6800PRW seldom has any problems with needles breaking or bobbin cases. 

With a 25-year warranty, there is a lot you can do with this machine. It is a fast machine that gives 710 stitches per minute. 

What's not so good about it?

One of the main problems of machines like this one is that they are more suitable for sewing than embroidery. Quality is usually hampered when doing embroidery. The machine is a lightweight one, since made for traveling, and is very fragile. Unfortunately, the bag comes without any padding or support to protect the machine. 

  • Comes with a carrying bag 
  • Affordable under $500 
  • 67 sewing stitches & 70 designs 
  • 25-year warranty 
  • Better as a sewing machine than as embroidery machine 
  • Carrying bag has no padding or support 
  • Lightweight plastic case of machine can easily break 

8) Singer 9960 Quantum available for $299 on Amazon

Key features
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Extra large work space
  • 600 stitch types 
  • 13 buttonhole options

At a very affordable price under $300, the Singer 9960 Quantum gives you an amazing number of stitches, accessories and features, more than any other machine in this price range. This is also a very fast machine, giving more than 850 stitches per minute. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

With the Singer 9960 Quantum, you get more than 600 stitches, 5 alphabet fonts, and 13 one-step buttonhole options. An extended work space makes it perfect for quilting or working on large projects like a table cloth or bed spreads. For sewing purposes, no matter how big or how detailed, this is truly an efficient machine. 

Although the body is plastic, the machine underneath is sheer metal, making it a strong model. With this model, you won't have to think about buying another sewing machine for a long time. 

What's not so good about it?

This machine is more suitable for large sewing projects rather than intricate embroidery work. The needle space is too small to reach, and the bobbin winder is inconvenient to use. The lettering sizes are smaller than other machines; the largest one is smaller than a fist.

  • Affordable under $300 
  • 600 built-in stitches, perfect for quilting and other projects 
  • Extended work space 
  • Metal machine inside plastic body 
  • More suitable for sewing projects 
  • Needles space and bobbin winder too inconvenient 
  • Lettering sizes are small 

9) Brother CS6000i available for $149 on Amazon

Key features
  • Affordable under $150 
  • Better for sewing 
  • Comes with 60 stitching styles 
  • Comes with an Auto threader 

One of the most affordable machines available in the market, under $150, the Brother CS6ooi is a fine sewing machine that comes with an impressing 60 built-in stitches and a wide work table. This is a rather easy and standard sewing machine to have that you can also use for simple embroidery. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

You can choose from a wide variety of sewing speeds when using this machine, which is a big help. Besides, you get an option of an automatic needle threader with the Cs6oooi which works perfectly when you are busy with your project.

This model comes with a wide table, great for quilting and working on big projects. With the built-in 7 one-step buttonholes and 60 sewing stitches, you can do anything from monogramming, blind stitch, spring action, walking, zigzag, zipper, and other sewing styles. An easy-to-use LCD backlit helps to work in the dark and at night. 

What's not so good about it?

As with most low-budget machines, this Singer model is more suitable for sewing than for embroidery. The needles break often and gets jammed during use. The auto threader, although important, doesn't always work in the best way possible. If you are using very thin fabric, there is a chance it will get damaged while sewing. 

  • Low priced under $150
  • Comes with 60 built-in stitches 
  • Comes with an auto threader 
  • Option of sewing speed 
  • Not very great with embroidery 
  • Needles break easily 
  • Auto Threader isn't very reliable 
  • Machine barely works with thin fabric 

10) Brother PE770 available for $3529 on Amazon

Key features
  • Affordable at a standard price of $500 
  • 25-year warranty 
  • Large 5"X7" work table

At slightly over $500, the Brother PE770 is a standard machine that comes with a number of sewing patterns that will help you with creating quilts and other personalized clothing. It comes with a 25-year warranty and is perfect for hobbyists and craft lovers. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does it compare to other embroidery machines?

You can use a separately bought embroidery card slot filled with designs to use on your projects. With this machine, you get a large embroidery area of 5"X7" to do any kind of lettering, monogramming, embroidery, or patterns. The back light-lit screen is easy to use for editing and choosing features. 

This machine also has easy threading and an automatic needle threader, quick set bobbin, and an auto thread trimmer. It has all of the features you could want in an affordable machine. 

What's not so good about it?

Of course, embroidery isn't going to be very easy or very attractive with this machine. Besides, although there are a number of features that come with this machine, they don't always work at their full potential. Threads get tussled inside the machine and the needles break all the time. 

  • Affordable 
  • Large 5"X7" embroidery area 
  • 25-year guaranty 
  • Back-lit touch screen 
  • Not so good for embroidery 
  • Thread gets trussled 
  • Needles break 

In conclusion...

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of some of these machines. Although they are all from reputed brands, some of the features in the low-budget machines don't always operate the way you'd want them to. The low-budget machines are perfect for hobbyists or craft lovers, but for commercial purpose, you'd need something more efficient. 

A large work space is very important, as well as features like an auto threader, auto thread cutter, or a large LCD screen. A large number of sewing stitches and embroidery selection also helps. Of course, budget is a big factor. There are machines ranging from $150 to $1500 - so there are many options. 

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