Top 4 Pressure Cookers to Save Time and Space
You can never have enough of 2 things: time, and space. Cooking for a family on a daily basis is hard enough - dinner prep can take up to an hour or more, without even counting how much time it takes to clean up and do the dishes after. This is why pressure cookers are so popular: it can do the work of multiple kitchen appliances and cooks almost anything that you can think of in only a portion of the time that it would usually require. Here are the top pressure cookers that we recommend!
Instant Pot Duo Plus

This is actually a 7-in-1 device that does the work of a pressure cooker, a yogurt maker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a warmer, a sauté machine and a slow cooker. Theoretically it is possible to cook an entire multi-course meal using this single device (although you'd have to clean it out between dishes). Moreover, it doesn't need to be constantly watched like a stove top does.

The best part about the Instant Pot Duo Plus is that it is small in size, and in price - it's on the lower end of the scale compared to many other similar cookers. Instant Pot also provides a number of recipes online, so that you can cook everything from rice to soup, curry to broth, stew, chili, and more. Additionally, it can keep food warm for more than 10 hours, so there's you can set it in the morning, go to work, and come home to a hot dinner.
Instant Pot IP-Duo
This is another pressure cooker from the same company as above, that focuses on saving you time and kitchen space. Meal preppers rejoice: This pot can cook up to 12 cups of rice at a time, enough for you to store leftovers for the entire week. The touch screen is easy to use, and a built-in processor constantly monitors pressure and temperature.

With a single device, you can cook several courses in very little time, which is perfect if you have a small kitchen and limited utensils. This is also one of the more portable pressure cookers, assuming that you have somewhere to plug it into. If you have a trailer or camp with a generator, you can even make hot fresh cooked meals on the go.

Power Pressure Cooker

The Power Pressure Cooker, like other pressure cookers, will cook your food in 70% less time than a normal stove. It also claims to make your food tastier, healthier and fresher because it locks all of the ingredients are tightly inside. You can cook almost everything in this cooker as well, from rice to soup.

The Power Pressure Cooker is a 7-in-1 device that can both cook your favorite dishes and keep them warm. It holds up to 6 quarts, which is especially helpful if you are holding a party or cooking for the whole week.
NuWave 6.5 Quart
This is an affordable, older model that works on regular stoves, induction stoves, and electric burners rather than plugging in. Because of this, it is more inconvenient to use (it can't just be left alone unwatched for hours at a time), but it is also about a third of the price of electric pressure cookers. Like other models, the rubber seal traps in flavors, moisture and nutrition when cooking.

The stove top models is supposedly faster to use than electric pressure cookers. However, it's also a lot more difficult, as there is no way to regulate the heat inside the device besides guesstimating with your stove controls and the pressure gauge on the device (while electric models often have various settings specifically for different dishes, so that you will get exactly the right temperature to cook a roast, for example). If you're experienced with using pressure cookers, this won't be an issue for you, and you'll save some money with this model compared to others.

With full time jobs, extracurricular activities, school and everything else, some days you just don't have time to stand in front of a stove for an hour. A pressure cooker can take the hassle out of family meals while keeping them healthy and tasty.

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