Top Most Popular Fitness Trackers
The days of fitness trackers being used only by professional athletes are long gone. Nowadays, more and more people realize the value of being able to track your daily fitness and sleep on a regular basis. There is even evidence that suggests that the very act of being more aware of your daily movement (or lack thereof) is enough to get you to move more and increase your overall health. Check out our top 8 most popular fitness trackers below.
For the Casual: Fitbit Charge 2
One of the most well-known brands in fitness tracking, it's no surprise that the recently released Fitbit Charge 2 is on the top of people's wishlists. Don't let the minimalist design fool you; this device is packed full of premium features. The tracker's main screen allows you to see your daily step goal progress, heartbeat in bpm, smartphone notifications, time and date. The Fitbit Charge 2 also offers detailed sleep tracking, smart activity tracking (such as running, yoga, cycling, and more), and some cool gimmicks like guided breathing meditation and a personalized Pulse Score. If you are a casual user looking to increase how much you exercise, this device is among the best.

The Cheaper Alternative: Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Don't let the price tag fool you: The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has mostly the same features as its Fitbit counterparts, and then some. The Mi Band 2 is a lightweight, comfortable device that offers an impressive 20+ day battery life and waterproof design (something that Fitbit has yet to perfect). The OLED screen shows the time, steps taken and heartrate, as well as smartphone alerts. The app can track the details of your nights sleep, your running speed, and more. One of the handiest features is that the band can be set to vibrate when you are idle for too long, to remind you to get up and move. It also allows you to synchronize data with Google Fit.
For Kids (and Parents!): Garmin Vivofit Jr

This is the most popular fitness tracker for children aged four to ten years. Child obesity is a western epidemic, and fitness trackers offer a gamification approach to exercising for today's youth. It comes with several useful features, including a stopwatch, timer, step and chore tracking, and it's waterproof and durable to be able to withstand kids' day-to-day adventures. It also has an easy-to-use app for parents that want to know the results of their child's exercise regimen themselves.
For the Runner: Polar A370
Polar is a well-known brand when it comes to the world's best GPS technology, and the Polar fitness bands do not disappoint in this regard. The Polar A370 has a built-in GPS system that is compatible with most smartphones, a must-have for runners long-distance walkers who want to map their progress. It also comes with all of the standard fitness tracking stats; heart rate, activity tracking step count, and sleep tracking with notably high accuracy. It's also waterproof up to 30m, so swimmers can use it without fear of damage.

For the Stylish: Nokia Steel and Nokia Steel HR

There's just something about a bright orange silicone band around your wrist that doesn't exactly say "business casual". Why settle for function over form when you can have both? The Nokia Steel and Nokia HR offer the same features as other casual fitness trackers - activity and sleep tracking, step count, a vibrating alarm and smart analytics on their smartphone app - except encased in a sleek, stainless steel analog watch face. The Steel HR tracks heartrate and bpm patterns as well, for a slightly higher price. Both devices are fully waterproof, designed for swimming sessions as well as showering post-workout.
For the Techie: Fitbit Blaze
Forget fitness tracking - this is a soft smartwatch, comparable to the likes of Apple and Samsung. It offers all of your basic features (including smartphone notifications and intelligent heart rate tracking), as well as on-screen workouts, guided meditations, music playback, connected GPS and more. All of this info is visible on the full-colour touchscreen LED screen and the highly intuitive Fitibit app. The main disadvantage of squeezing all this tech into one small device is that the battery needs to be charged every few days in order to ensure continuous tracking, but this is a small price to pay for what is essentially a budget smartwatch.

It's important to remember that a fitness tracker is only a tool to make you more aware of your health habits, but it is no replacement for diet and exercise. However, being more aware of your activity (and lack thereof) may encourage you to move more - and let's be honest, the statistics are fascinating. There's nothing like seeing real tangible numerical results to enact your goals and motivate you to build the healthy habits that you desire..

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