Top Qualities of a Good Espresso Machine
Nothing makes sense in life until the first cup of coffee in the morning. Whether you are rushing off to work, working from home or taking care of multiple kids – coffee is a must! The perfect espresso machine for your home therefore needs to be a something spectacular, a machine that will refresh and rejuvenate first thing in the morning, but will also be quick to use and easy to handle.
An espresso machine needs to be compact. No matter how big your kitchen is, you cannot crowd your counter space with a massive machine. The right espresso machine needs to be small enough to fit into the cupboards if needed, or placed on top of your counter without taking it up completely. If it is small enough, you can even keep it in your home office for the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.
An espresso machine should be easy to use. You are probably going to have some days when you're in a rush to get out the door (right when you are most in need of coffee) and a complicated machine is only going to add frustration to your morning. A one-touch machine works the best for those mornings, but generally won't offer as many customization options. You'll also have to have your espresso pre-ground, which means that it may not taste as fresh. The perfect machine balances ease of use with quality.
An espresso machine needs to be durable. Like most pricey kitchen appliances, you want to buy once, and use it regularly. Because of this, it's generally worth it to pay a little more up front for a recognizable brand and a good model that will last you for years to come, rather than a cheap version. Plus, recognizable brands are easier to buy parts and accessories for, in the off-chance that your machine does break in the future.
An espresso machine should be versatile. Whether you want an espresso shot, an Americano, a cappucino, a latte, or even just a regular drip coffee, a good espresso machine should be able to meet all of your caffeine cravings. A milk frother or steamer is an absolute must for most custom drinks, and if your machine can also prepare a few other flavors, you might never have to visit a café ever again.
An espresso machine should be easy to clean. If the machine you own doesn't come apart easily, it could prove to be very difficult to clean - or, worst-case-scenario, you may not be able to clean it properly at all. An espresso maker is a complicated machine with a lot of parts, and those parts should be easy to take out, wipe clean, and put back together to save you a ton of hassle and time.
An espresso machine is a luxury item, but it doesn't have to be. Affordability depends entirely on your budget, and cost tends to directly correlate with the quality of coffee that the machine can produce and how much customization it has. Lots of affordable espresso machines are available in the market for you to choose from, but bear in mind what features you require before your start shopping for the absolute cheapest option.
A good espresso machine can seem like a lifesaver when you are readying yourself to face the world early in the morning. Like any pricey kitchen gadget, an espresso machine for the coffee connoisseur can be quite pricey and will requires a lot of research and thought put into it, so choose wisely and remember to look for these qualities when shopping around.

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