Picture this: You're watching a funny video on your smartphone that you think your friend would like. Rather than passing your headphones off and waiting patiently for them to finish the video, your friend picks up their pair of the Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth headphones, powers on and connects in seconds, and the two of you watch the video simultaneously.

Or how about this? You're on a road trip and you need a way to keep the kids docile and entertained. You give them each a pair of headphones, pop in a movie, and sit back and relax. No fighting for the kids, and peace and quiet for you.

That's what makes the Mixcder ShareMe 7 headphones unlike any other. ShareMe pairing allows you to sync two headphones to the same device and listen together. Simply pair the first set of headphones to your Bluetooth-enabled device, power on the second pair, and viola! You and a pal are ready to share your listening experience.
The ShareMe headphones come in a cardboard box that slides off to reveal the product. There are two color options: Black and red or white and blue. Contained underneath the headphones are the micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm auxiliary cord, and a brief instruction manual.

The initial impression when first pulling out the headphones is that they are about what you'd expect for under $50. The body is made of a lightweight plastic that's sleek but feels delicate. I would recommend handling with care.

The earbuds are covered in an artificial leather with sponge padding, as is the headband cushion. Both ear pads are labeled for left and right ears. On the right ear, you'll find the volume controls, power button, and aux-in connection. On the left ear, you'll find the micro-USB plug in for charging.
The biggest selling point for these headphones is the shared/social listening feature. But this product does come equipped with a number of other features at varying usability and quality.
Mixcder's ShareMe 7 headphones score highly in the connectivity category for two reasons. First, they come equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, the latest edition on the scene. The range is about what you'd expect with any Bluetooth device—any obstructions, such as walls or furniture, will interrupt your connection. Otherwise, the Bluetooth experience is on par with any other product.

As is consistent with the technology across the board, Bluetooth is not necessarily ideal for video streaming, such as YouTube and Netflix. But this is improving with each new version of Bluetooth. Even with the ShareMe headphones 4.1 edition, there is a slight (but barely noticeable) delay in the audio. However, this is not a major drawback of the headphones since you have to really be paying attention to notice it.

What gives these headphones a top review is the inclusion of an aux cable. If such a delay in audio bothers you, simply plug in the headphones via auxiliary and continue enjoying! Also, having the aux cord as a back up comes in handy when the battery dies, perhaps on a long airline flight or commute.

Sound Quality
For the price, the ShareMe headphones have stellar sound quality. A well-balanced stereo sound hits all the highs, lows, and mids of your favorite tunes. When tested across a variety of genres—rock, alternative, pop, country, etc.—each song was crisp and clean.

Bass is comparable to a speaker of this category. If you're looking for bass bumping sound, these might not be the right headphones for you. Still, the bass is notable and recognizable, just not overpowering.

Volume output for these headphones is excellent. You can play music soft our loud, while still drowning out ambient noise from around you.

The one drawback is that the voice prompts, while super helpful, are really loud and not volume adjustable. So, turn on your headphones and establish connection before placing them over your ears.

When testing volume controls, there was a slight delay between when the button was pressed and actual fluctuation in volume. It was challenging to find the right balance in the smartphone's output volume and the headphone's volume. This might take some getting used to for first time users.

Product Build & Style
As mentioned previously, the headphones are built for their price. Durability is a concern—be cautious when traveling or packing these headphones away. Fortunately, these headphones can be folded for compact storage, which should help prevent any damage. A protective case might also be handy if you plan on taking these headphones wherever you go.
Battery Life
Mixcder boasts a 20-hour playtime for these headphones, which take 2-3 hours to charge. Of course, battery life depends entirely on how you're using the headphones. Volume, constant connecting/disconnecting, etc. will drain the battery quicker. On average, these headphones get closer to about 10 hours of playtime.
Comfort level varies by individual, but the ShareMe headphones are definitely built with comfort in mind. The ear buds are big enough that they don't pinch your ears, which can be an issue with other over-ear headphones. The headband padding keeps the top of your head comfortable and the ear pads provide sufficient cushion for extended listening.
Call Quality
Making and receiving calls is really easy with the ShareMe headphones. A built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling. However, the quality of the call is the biggest downfall of these headphones. On the other end, recipients said the call sounded far away, as if I was standing down a hallway. Despite this, the other benefits far outweigh any drawbacks in call quality
Overall, these headphones are great (if you don't mind a few shortcomings). You certainly can't beat the sound quality for the price. And the social listening is really interesting, whether you want to jam out with a friend, watch a movie with your partner, or entertain the kids. If you're looking for an affordable pair of headphones with great connectivity and sound, give these a shot!
Bonus: Shared Listening Tips
To enjoy the shared listening feature, it's important to follow the directions exactly. When powering on the headphones, if you want to sync the two to play from the same device, you have to hold the power button BEYOND the "Powering On" voice notification (for the full 8-10 seconds). So, when you hear "Powering On," keep holding the power button until you hear a beep. The consistent beeping means the devices are searching for each other. Eventually, you will hear "Connected – Left channel" and "Connected – Right channel" and that means the headphones are paired. You are ready to pair to your Bluetooth device and start listening!

You may also do this by first pairing one headphone set to your Bluetooth device, then holding down the power button on the other set until you hear the same beeping. Once you've completed these steps, the social listening experience is great.

Do not release the power button when you hear the voice prompt "Powering On." Keep holding that button for at least 8 seconds!
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Article published on 16 Dec 2016

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