Vacuuming Safety -
What to Remember When Cleaning Your Home

No one actually likes vacuuming, but this is something we have to do around the house. Whether you vacuum every day or once a week, there are some safety tips that everyone needs to follow.
Don't vacuum for a long time; if possible, take a little rest in the middle. If the height of the vacuum cleaner isn't adjusted to your height, you may have to stoop a little to clean the floor. Continuing this for a long time can lead to backache or a spine injury. Whenever possible, stretch, walk around straight, or sit down for a little in the middle of a vacuuming session.
Make sure that you are not stretching the cord too much. If there is a power source in every room, change the socket as often as possible. Overstretching the cords may damage it so better not risk the damage.
If there is a wet surface anywhere around the room, don't use your vacuum cleaner over it. Your vacuum cleaner's motor may get damaged if you use it on a wet surface. In case of any kind of liquid, mop it up with a piece of cloth and then vacuum on that particular area.
It is not a good idea to use your vacuum cleaner if you have a crawling baby or a toddler in the house. Crawling babies and toddlers like to bite everything they come across, and this might be your vacuum cleaner's power cord. Make sure you have someone watching your child or that your child is safely inside a playpen/crib before you start cleaning your home.
If you need to change the power source of the vacuum cleaner, never remove it with a yank. Though it may seem tempting to do so, always remove the power cord gently with your hand.
Most vacuum cleaners are only intended to be used inside the house, not outside. Using your vacuum cleaner to clean lawns or patios can severely damage it. It is best to keep it for indoor use and to store it indoors, as well.
Sometime when vacuuming, an accident can lead to your machine running over its own cord, creating a tear or a cut on it. If this happens, immediately stop using your vacuum cleaner and take it for a repair. Using a vacuum cleaner with a tear or a cut in the cord can cause a fire hazard or electricute someone.
Vacuuming is something we do almost daily in our lives, and still not maintain the right rules for it. These are important tips to remember when cleaning your house with a vacuum cleaner, so don't forget them.

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