What to Buy Before Your Newborn Comes Home
Once your baby arrives, there is going to be hundreds of little things that you are going to need around the house, both the essential and the unnecessary. However, there are a few indispensable items that you need ready in the house before you bring your baby home from the hospital. Once you have the baby with you, you won't get either the time or the opportunity to go shopping for these items. A car seat, travel system, feeding bottles, baby gear and a crib – these are the items that the baby is going to need immediately.
These things are going to need a lot of research and time to buy, so they should be ready at home before the baby arrives.
Car Seat
The first item that your baby is going to need is a car seat, during its first trip out in the world. Most hospitals won't release your child until you show them a standard car seat. Holding your child in your arms while driving or riding in a car is not enough; your child needs a sturdy car seat to reach home. It is preferable if the car seat is a new one rather than a used or old product. Besides, you might want to invest in a car seat that you can use for years, rather than a few months.
Top Qualities of a Car Seat
  • Sturdy frame
  • Comfortable seating arrangement
  • Elaborate harness system
  • Both rear-facing and front-facing mode
  • Able to accommodate children until they are 4/5 years old
Whether you are planning to co-sleep with your baby or decorating a separate nursery, a crib or a bassinet is a must-have item for your baby. The newborn will need a bed of its own for lying down. There are a number of safety standards that a crib needs to maintain, which is extremely important to maintain. Just like car seats, cribs should be new rather than a used one, and should be comfortable for the baby.
Top Qualities of a Crib
  • Sturdy frame of steel, wood or metal
  • Maximum gap of two fingers between crib walls and mattress
  • Must have stronger mattress support
  • Must not have bars that are more than 2.5 inches apart
  • No decorations or cutouts on the headboards or the railing
Baby Clothes
Baby clothes need not only to be adorable, but as comfortable as possible for your newborn. These babies have extremely sensitive skin and need the softest clothes. Any baby clothes bought beforehand need to be washed, at least a few times, with special detergent and fabric softener. There's no point in buying a bulk or very expensive clothes, because newborns outgrow them in a few months. Just 2/3 sets of the basic clothing are enough for the first few months for the babies.
What to Remember:
  • Baby clothes need to be soft and comfortable
  • They need to be made from breathable cotton
  • Clothes should be uncomplicated to put on and remove
  • Clothes need to be easily opened for changing diapers
  • Clothes should be loose and not fitting
Feeding Supplies
Even if you are planning to exclusively breastfeed your baby, it is important that you keep some feeding bottles ready in the house. There might be doctor's visits when you need to bottle feed your child or nights when you are just too tired to get up from the bed. You might want to catch up on your grocery shopping or grab a cup of coffee with your friends, and leave some expressed breast milk at home. Some parents also keep a backup formula ready at home in case of emergencies.
What you need to Buy:
  • 4-ounce bottes, at least 4 of them (more if you are formula-feeding)
  • Bottle Sterilizer/bottle brush
  • Bottle Warmer
  • Formula (if not nursing)
  • Bibs and burp clothes
  • Breast pump, if expressing milk
  • Bottles for breast milk storage
Diapers and/or Nappies, Wipes
Your biggest expenditure would be, surprisingly, on diapers and nappies. A newborn baby can go through up to 10 diapers a day, depending on the intake. Dozens of diaper boxes should be ready at home unless you want to make several trips to the supermarket. Some parents opt for a more environment-friendly reusable diaper that you can wash and use repeatedly. Nevertheless, diapers and/or nappies, and wet wipes should be ready at home when the baby comes.
What you need:
  • Boxes of Diapers/at least a dozen reusable nappies
  • Wet Wipes
  • Changing mat/Changing table
  • Diaper pail and disposable bags
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby powder/nappy cream
Your newborn baby is going to need a lot of stuffs in its first few days! These are just something to begin with, so that you are not in a conundrum when you bring your precious bundle home from the hospital.

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