What to Remember When buying a Play Yard
Of all the baby gear you are going to need for your little one, a play yard is not to be underrated. Play yards are not just for your kids to play in these days, but come with bassinets, changing stations and even storage. A good play yard can last years if the correct one is chosen for your home, and can keep your child safe and entertained.
Extra Features

Some play yards come with a removable bassinet and a changing station, which can be removed when not needed or when the baby outgrows them. With these extra features on your play yard, you won't need to buy an additional bassinet or even a storage unit. Some play yards also come with two bassinets if you are having twins or want to keep a backup.

Children don't usually need a play yard until they are a little older. But if this is something on your baby shower registry, you can definitely use the bassinet and the changing station beforehand and then use the play yard later. Besides, these extra bassinets can be taken out and used separately, which is especially useful when you are travelling with your baby.
Not all play yards can be safe for your child. Some models have been removed from the market because they were found to be unsafe for children. All play yards need to meet the standards set by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association (JPMA). If you are thinking of buying or using a used product, it is important that you research the model to see if it meets the safety standards.

A good play yard needs to be structurally strong so that your kid can grow up playing in it. The height should be enough so that your child cannot climb out of it. Before actually putting your children inside, it is better to set up the play yard a couple of times and to keep it standing up, just to make sure that it doesn't collapse when bumped into. Put some pressure on it as well, to simulate a child a trying to climb out or play with it.

Storage Options and Wheels

It is much easier if your play yard comes with a storage option, especially if it also has a changing station. Young babies may need changing around 8-10 times a day and it helps if you have everything close at hand while changing them. You cannot leave a baby unattended on the changing station and run to and fro searching for extra diapers, powder and wet wipes, no matter how young they are. Storage option inside, beside or below the play yard can guarantee that you can keep everything you need close to you. A bigger storage space also means some space to stack diapers and clothes that you will need later.

Wheels are also a great option if you want to move the play yard from room to room, or outside the house. Although they are not a very important feature since most play yards are lightweight and can be easily carried, even without the help of wheels. Nevertheless, lockable wheels are a bonus feature.
Portability and Ease of Setting Up
Your child is not going to use the play yard at all times, so it is an important feature if the play yard can be easily bundled up, stored away and set up. With a small kid tugging at you and trailing your steps, you won't have much time to spare while attempting to set up the play yard. They need to be easily foldable, preferably with one hand, so that it only takes a minute.

A play yard which can be folded and carried is also good for travelling. If you are always on the road, you can carry the play yard with you so that your kid will always have a place to play and sleep in, no matter where you are. Whether you are sleeping in a motel or visiting family and friends, you'll have everything your child needs at hand with a portable play yard.

A good play yard will be your child's friend from infancy trough toddlerhood. Remembering these four features will save you the trouble of buying an additional play yard when they get older, and can give you the peace of mind you need to keep your child safe and happy.

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