What Keyboard is Right for You?
Unlike most computers and other electronics, a keyboard doesn't have that many technical characteristics or visual parameters; it just needs to work. However, this doesn't mean that you would be satisfied with just anything that looks fancy. When deciding on which keyboard to buy, you should understand what you will be mostly using it for and what kind of user you actually are.
I'm a gamer!
Mechanical keyboards are the best choice for gamers for a number of reasons. First of all, they are durable enough to survive fast, hard and consistent key presses. Second of all, they give you a special feel and have a make a sound when you touch a key, so you will always know for sure whether you've pressed a key properly or not.

Programmable keys make for a better gaming experience, because you can set up shortcuts and key combinations to make your actions faster and more efficient in-game.
Another fun (though not necessarily crucial) feature is to get a keyboard with customizable back lights, so that they flash different colours - this looks really cool in a dark gaming room.

Note for gamers: Never buy a wireless keyboard, as it is less responsive and takes more time to register your keystrokes. They extra miliseconds it takes for a Bluetooth signal to reach your computer will definitely not work for you.
I'm a human typing machine!
If you're a writer, a developer, or just someone who types really long emails all day every day, you should make sure that your keyboard is comfortable and good for your health in the long run. Pay attention to ergonomics; a keyboard should be adjustable (e.g. controllable tilt and height) and come with sufficient wrist support. A wrist or arm pad can also be purchased separately. Also, if you work in an office, consider buying a dome-style keyboard. This will be sufficiently quiet (compared to a mechanical one), meaning that you and others in the room won't get annoyed by the constant tapping sounds.
I use my keyboard like a remote!
Many modern keyboard models come with extra buttons to control your devices. If you listen to music a lot while using your computer, get a keyboard with media player and volume control keys. Some keyboards have a touchpad designed specifically for media users or a large panel above the F line with pause, play, and volume buttons. A wireless keyboard is a good idea if you enjoy watching movies on a big screen (or your computer screen) without getting up to pause or rewind.
I'm a traveler!
People who travel frequently are typically concerned about portability of their devices - this refers to size and weight as well as durability. Travel-friendly keyboards will be wireless, have fewer keys (no number pad) and will be compact and light. There are lots of foldable models on the market as well, so you can stash your keyboard in your laptop bag.
While you shop for your new keyboard, you may find there are some features that you didn't even know that you needed. Make sure that you're not getting caught up gimmicks or brand names, and be mindful as to what you will use your keyboard for and what features you really need.

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