Why is a Good Mattress Important?
Our beds have undergone a lot of changes over the last few decades. From foam to spring, feathers to air, mattresses have been made with almost everything inside them. A number of natural fibers have been used inside mattresses before, including kapok, straw, foam rubber, cotton, etc., sewn or stringed together.

Modern mattresses are more scientific, made to promote a healthy body. Within boxspring wire, the actual mattress is made from polyurethane foam, natural fiber and polyester. A fabric covering is needed for every mattress to protect it from dirt, smears and stains.
Come, let's understand exactly why we need to choose and invest in a good mattress for sake of our health.
Important for a Good Sleep

First of all, a good and comfortable mattress is directly linked to a good night's sleep. In modern times, we barely get eight hours of sleep every day and it is important that we make those eight hours count. Not having a good sleep will make us feel drowsy, irritable and nervous in the morning. A firm mattress with the necessary paddings can help us sleep well and reduce chances of headache and restlessness in the morning.

A sleepless night or a night of irregular sleep patterns almost feels like a hangover in the morning. The feelings of lightheadedness, trembling, worrying and prickliness in the morning is almost the same and that can all be avoided by sleeping on a good mattress.
Important for Memory
Now, this is an interesting fact! Did you know that a good sleep can help your memory in the morning? Quality of sleep on a good mattress can lead to improved brain function in the morning, and it directly connects to how we store new information. This is like our morning caffeine boost; there are some people whose brains cannot function before a cup of coffee in the morning.

A good night's sleep helps us to make better decisions in the morning, and helps store away the information we've learnt the previous day. We can actually claim to have a better memory because we've slept well on a good mattress.

Important for your Weight

Not sleeping well can actually lead to us binging on something unhealthy in the morning. Besides, if you are tired of not having a good sleep, it is unlikely that you will be in the mood to go for a jog in the morning or cook a healthy breakfast for yourself. A sleep deprived body wants everything that is bad for us: sugar, oily food, fried food, carbohydrate.

A special hormone is distributed throughout our body while we sleep, called Hormone Leptin. Lack of sleep means a shortage of this hormone in our body, which also leads to the craving for fired, oily food rich in cholesterol and fat.
Important for your Stress Levels
Of course, the better we sleep, the less stressed we are in the morning. Even when we don't have many problems in the world, not getting a good night's sleep can make us unnecessarily worried, nervous and tensed in the morning. We all need at least 6-7 hours of sleep every night and getting any less than that is going to lead to a more stressed attitude.

Sleep deprivation for more than two weeks continuously can actually cause anxiety disorder is people and increase their stress levels. If you don't want to feel angry, irritated and sad all the time, it is important that you get enough sleep every night.

It is extremely important that we have a good sleep at night if we want to be cheerful and effective in the morning and for that, we need a good mattress!

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