How do we find thousands of new deals every day?

This website is called "ReviewFinder" - every day thousdands of people use it to compare reviews, prices and specs for all kinds of retail products. Since we retreive prices for thousands of products every hour, as a side effect we inevitably stumble upon some good deals.

These deals are published every hour, across hundreds of categories: from commercial espresso machines to novelty socks. Our algorithms sort them, determine shady ones (somebody sells a dress for $1500 with a 95% discount), compute deal popularity, classify them into different categories.

And, of course, they are manually checked for duds and data errors.

You can subscribe to any of our "deal filters" - we will email you a deal summary on with regularity that suits you.
You can access DealFinder here.

How many deals are the on DealFinder?

At any given moment there are usually between 5000 and 8000 active deals. Every day about 2000 of them expire, and we add about 2000 more.

How do I subscribe to a deal list?

On the left hand side (top menu on mobile) you will see a list of deal filters (aka deal lists). Click "follow" on a deal list you like.

Do I need to create an account to access these deals?

No. However, if you want to receive updates for new deals, we will need your email. You can also log in using Facebook or Google. And, of course, since the deals are on Amazon, you will obviously need an Amazon account to place your order.

How frequently are deals added?

Typically, every hour.

The deal doesn't work.

As you imagine, deals are published by individual vendors. Those vendors can decide to stop the deal at any time. We do check the deals fairly regularly, but we can't guarantee that all of them will always work. This is not common though.

I like a deal list, but it contains camping equipment. I really don't care about camping equipment.

You can exclude entire categories from your personal deal feed. You can exclude specific categories, such as "tents", or exclude entire macro-categories, suck as "Outdoor". Exclude a category by clicking on it in the deal card.

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