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Q: I want to know which one is good: Mi band 2 or Jawbone UP 3?
A: They are both good in their own way. What sort of details are you looking for? The Xiaomi MiBand 2 is compact, google fit compatible, affordable, and comfortable. It functions as a step counter, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker. This device has IP67 certification, so you can even go  swimming with it. One downside is that it doesn't offer the ability to track your heart automatically throughout the day, you have to manually hit it to check. As for the Jawbone UP3 , this device has a one week battery life, features a SmartAlarm that will silently wake you up during your sleep cycle and would be an ideal choice for someone who's aiming for a fitness tracker to be a general lifestyle coach. The Up 3 cannot be worn while swimming. I also noticed you put the Xiaomi Mi Band in your related section. This fitness tracker is water resistant, lightweight, comfortable, measures your steps, tracks your sleep patterns, has good third party applications, and is extremely affordable.

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Other Fitness Tracker
Review by Sophia 0 0
  • Super cheap
  • Light, comfortable fit
  • Waterproof
  • 30 day battery life
  • Inaccurate reading
  • Limited app interface
  • Some pairing issues
  • LED is bland
Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness tracking is integral to a fitness routine as most know. Devices nowadays can be expensive and some even get in the way by being too heavy or complicated, so why not just keep it simple? Lookin... Read full review
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  • Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned. Achieve the daily exercise targets you set and work towards a healthier lifestyle!
  • Automatic sleep monitoring - analyses your sleep quality. Rest well, rest easy. Measure the length and quality of your sleep.
  • Record daily motion data, Xiaomi bracelet to help you record all-day event, calculate walking distance, and calorie consumption.
  • When you use the Miband, you must download the APP named Mi Band.
  • Perfect for Mi Note Pro Mi4 Redmi Redmi2 Note Note2 iPhone4/4S 5/5C/5S 6 6 Plus 6S 6S Plus with IOS 7.0 or above.
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Physical Features
Color Mouse over a color for a picture
Style At first, fitness trackers were designed more for function than fashion, as they were geared towards fitness buffs to wear when exercising, so style wasn’t really a concern. Since then, fitness tracke ... Show more
On the Wrist
1.5 x 0.54 x 0.39 inches

0.34 oz
Syncs Data Automatically The way that your tracker stores and syncs data is hugely important to the experience you have with your device. The most convenient trackers will sync data automatically and wirelessly to your smartp ... Show more
Compatibility What software platforms are compatible with it?
  • Android 4.4 and above
  • iOS 7.0 and above
  • Mi 4
  • Mi 3
  • Redmi Note 4G
Third Party App Integration Getting the full picture of your health requires input from other sources other than the app associated with your tracker - tracking fitness is only part of living a healthy lifestyle. This might incl ... Show more
Mi Fit app
Activity Detection The most basic fitness trackers measure steps, distance and calories... your general fitness needs. Beyond that, some will also detect when you are exercising, based on your heart rate and movements. ... Show more
  • Walking
  • Running
Sleep Tracking
Sleep Tracking Like activity tracking, sleep tracking is a common feature for most fitness trackers with much variation. The main difference between trackers is whether or not sleep is tracked automatically or manua ... Show more
Advanced Sleep Metrics For devices that do track sleep, the quality of the metrics recorded varies. Some devices simply record the number of hours that you were asleep. Others go farther and tell you when you were in light, ... Show more
Sleep duration, stages (deep or light sleep) and pattern
Alarms & Reminders A small, but still significant, feature of fitness trackers is the ability set alarms or reminders. First, there are alarms to wake you up in the morning. Usually, these are silent, vibrating alarms o ... Show more
Silent vibrating alarm
Premium Features
Water Resistant Fitness trackers are available at varying levels of water resistance. Some can’t get wet at all; some can be worn while you swim or shower. Trackers that are listed as “splash proof” can’t really get ... Show more
Heart-Rate Tracking Because you’re supposed to wear a fitness tracker all day, tracking your heart rate provides you with extremely valuable metrics. First, your resting heart rate is an indicator of how healthy you are. ... Show more
Automatic - Optical
GPS For the more advanced athlete, a GPS-enabled fitness tracker is a must. Regular devices cannot track pace, intervals, elevation, or even distance accurately—stats that are hugely important to avid run ... Show more
Music Player A much less common feature, but still notable, is the potential to upload and store music on your fitness tracker. This can only be found on the most advanced trackers (and thus will come with a large ... Show more

The type of display or screen on fitness trackers varies widely by brand and price point—from a few LED lights to full color touchscreens. The main benefit of a screen is being able to read the time and your fitness stats any time of the day without needing to open an app on your phone or plug the tracker into your computer. This could be a positive or negative—some people prefer not to see progress and feel rewarded when they finally look at results and meet their goal. Others need a constant reminder of their status to push them to reach their goals. It’s totally up to you.

Oftentimes, you can also read smartphone notifications on a screen, depending on how advanced the tracker is. Every tracker will differ on what information is shown on the display, whether it’s the time, steps, heart rate, or other goals. Some will be a touchscreen, some will not. These aspects mainly affect ease of use, and will vary in importance by person. Finally, a display will also drain your battery more quickly, and come with a higher price tag.

Display Does the tracker have a screen?
LED Light Only
Touchscreen Is the display a touchscreen?
Smartphone Notifications As fitness trackers become more advanced, and as smart watches become more popular, the lines between the two are blurring, especially when it comes to linked capabilities between the device and your ... Show more

For fitness trackers, batteries vary widely. Some trackers have rechargeable batteries that last anywhere from hours to days. Others take coin cell batteries like you would find a regular watch, which last a few months to a year. Needing to purchase and replace batteries can be a hassle… but so can plugging in your device every five or so days via USB cable to recharge it. Remembering to take the device off, charge it, and then remembering to put it back on, can seriously interrupt your fitness routine, especially if you’re worried you’ll forget it. Plys, if you want consistent sleep tracking, you don’t want to be charging it overnight. Both options have advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind while you compare options.

Battery Life How long does the battery last?
30 days
Type of Battery
Additional Features Any other features to note.
  • LED light color setting
  • IP67 water rating.
Popularity 0-100 scale indicating how frequently people buy the product online. Recalculated daily.
94 / 100
Release Date
22 Jul 2014
1 Year Limited Warranty
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Key features
  • Monitors heart rate, fitness level, and sleeping quality.
  • Smart alarm
  • Shows average daily step and history data
  • Data can be shared on social media

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Questions about Xiaomi Mi Band

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I want to know which one is good: Mi band 2 or Jawbone UP 3?
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how do I charge this it says wireless usb
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Hi . Just received my tracking plugged it in to charge nothing on the display .
How long does it need to charge ?
When will i see anything on the display to know it is okay to use ?
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I had to use a usb cube to charge mine my pc wouldn't read it and it only took about an hour to charge it 

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No, this device is meant to clip on your waistband or shirt. There is a safety strap you can buy for it in case it falls, but it's not a wristband.

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