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Fine Dragon F-AB

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General Info
Fine Dragon
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Motorized automatic sweeping and cleaning. Safe for pets. Works on hardwood floors, tiles, marble.
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71 / 100
Rank: #209 out of 288.
Wifi / App Controlled Some robotic vacuums can be controlled by your smartphone through a mobile app, which is essentially a more advanced remote control. You are typically able to start/stop the vacuum’s cleaning, control ... Show more
Remote Control Remote controls typically enable you to start and stop the cleaning process and/or direct the vacuum’s movements to specific areas in the home. A remote control is an added convenience for those who w ... Show more
Auto Scheduling Feature Auto scheduling allows you to program the vacuum to a cleaning schedule (daily, every other day, weekly, etc.), where it turns on and cleans automatically at a set time. Otherwise, you have to manuall ... Show more
Battery Life Battery life indicates the maximum amount of time a vacuum can run on one charge. On average, robot vacuum batteries last around 1.5 hours, with higher end options getting up to two hours on a full ch ... Show more
2 hours
Charging Time How long does it take the battery to charge completely?
4 hours
Continues Cleaning Once Recharged When a vacuum’s battery dies, one of two things can happen: 1) the vacuum starts over cleaning without any memory of what it cleaned before the battery died, or 2) the vacuum will resume cleaning from ... Show more
Bin Capacity Regardless of the price of your vacuum, the dustbin still needs to be emptied manually. The more your vacuum is used, the more often you will need to change your dustbin. If you have a large home, the ... Show more
400 mL
Floor Type Different robot vacuums are made for different floor types based on the cleaning mechanism within the device, which can include a brush, a mop, or both. Robot vacuums with large brushes are best for c ... Show more
  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Linoleum / Laminate / Vinyl
Cleaning Modes Most robotic vacuums come with an auto-clean mode (meant for maintenance cleaning over a large area) but some more sophisticated models will come with different cleaning modes, such as spot mode or sc ... Show more
  • Automatic Random Mode
  • Z Line Cleaning Mode
  • Wide side cleaning mode
Brush Type Most vacuums use brushes to pick up debris, since suction alone isn’t usually enough to effectively clean (especially on rough surfaces like carpet). These brush rolls can have different brush types, ... Show more
Corner brush
HEPA Filter HEPA filters help limit the allergens that get into the air when you vacuum. If you suffer from allergies, choosing a vacuum with a HEPA filter is a must. Note that HEPA filters do wear down over time ... Show more
Suitable for Pets The ability to pick up pet hair is a feature that will be explicitly noted in the vacuum’s specifications. If you have pets, it’s imperative that you choose a vacuum that’s equipped for picking up pet ... Show more
Physical Features
Dimensions When it comes to size for robot vacuums, pay particular attention to the height measurement. If the device is too tall, it won’t fit under beds, dressers, couches, and other furniture to clean in the ... Show more
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5.5 lbs
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Premium Features e.g. Disinfection, odor control, phone notifications
  • Cliff sensor
  • User-friendly robotic vacuum
  • Robotic Cleaning & Easy Using: High power motorized automatic vacuums sweeping and continuous suction with low noise mute technology .4 cleaning modes cleaning for your free choice. Perfect ideal for pet hair,dirt,debris,dust and more.
  • Intelligent Clean Ability: High suction and dual corners brush suitable for all floor type. It's cleaning ability is up to 98% high. Effectively save the housework time and create more free time for you.
  • Automatic Induction: Infrared induction to the wall and furniture and turn direction in advance.Cliff sensor could sense the stairs and adjusts direction to keep from any bump damage.
  • Portable handle & Slim Design: Exclusive patent appearance design with top quality. Portable handle easy to carry and move. The ultra slim design convenient to clean the rubbish or dust under furniture height of 82mm low-profile obstacle.
  • Note: It can't climb the different floor types connection (eg. from hard floor to carpet).It needs your help to cross. Also it can't work on thick soft carpet.
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Manufacturer warranty for 360 days from date of purchase.
Accessories Included What is included on the package?
  • Corner Brush
  • Charger Adapter
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Key features
  • Continuous suction
  • Low noise mute technology
  • High suction and dual corners brush
  • Automatic Induction
  • Cliff sensor
  • Portable handle
  • Slim Design
  • 82mm low-profile obstacle
  • 1 year warranty

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