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Popularity: 100 / 100
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  • Minimum feed of 2 teaspoons (10g) upward.
  • Max 6.5lb capacity food hopper. Tamper-proof feed nozzle
  • Easy to use programmable LCD control
  • All food parts dishwasher safe
  • Operates with 4 C cell batteries 6-9 months continuous use
Popularity: 97 / 100
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Release Date: 18 Aug 2017
  • SMARTPHONE PROGRAMMING: Control your dog or cat's feeding from anywhere using your smartphone; Requires an Apple iPhone or iPod device iOS 9.0 or later or a compatible Android smartphone 5.0 or later
  • CUSTOMIZABLE MEAL TIMES: Program up to 12 meals to feed on your pet's schedule; Feed Now option allows you to feed your pet outside normal feeding times
  • FLEXIBLE PORTIONS: Meals can be dispensed from 1/8 cups to 4 cups to fit your pet's unique feeding needs; Unique Slow Feed option allows the food to dispense slowly over a 15 minute period to help prevent bloating and vomiting
  • RECEIVE ALERTS: Monitor your pet's feeding from anywhere for peace of mind; Feeds on schedule as programmed if Wi-Fi connection is lost or feeder is offline
  • RELIABLE DESIGN: Unique conveyor design dispenses most shapes and sizes of dry and semi-moist food and helps prevent jams; Pet-proof dispenser keeps prying paws from sneaking food
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: Lid, hopper, bowl and bowl holder are top-shelf dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning. For indoor use only. Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel
  • POWER ADAPTER INCLUDED: Power adapter operated with an optional battery backup (requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries, not included)
Popularity: 95 / 100
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  • Measures 9" W x 19" L x 12.5" H, Automatic pet feeder
  • Helps your pet get fed on time
  • Easily program your pet's feeding times
Popularity: 91 / 100
  • BE WITH YOUR PET EVEN WHEN YOU ARE AWAY! - No more missed feeds and worrying whether your four legged family member is OK because you can now see them and let them hear your voice.BE WITH YOUR PET EVEN WHEN YOU ARE AWAY! - No more missed feeds and worrying whether your four legged family member is OK because you can now see them and let them hear your voice. Share your favorite moment instantly on social media with the video recording App.
  • ENSURE MEALS ARE NEVER MISSED AND EVEN GIVE TREATS - NO STRESS AND WORRY FREE WITH OFFLINE AND OFF GRID MODE. This fabulous feeder has battery backup if there is a power failure and if loses wi-Fi connection it will continue to feed based on your settings - you can even record your voice to play automatically to call your pet for feeding!
  • NO STRESS AND WORRY FREE WITH OFFLINE AND OFF GRID MODE. This fabulous feeder has battery backup if there is a power failure and if loses wi-Fi connection it will continue to feed based on your settings - you can even record your voice to play automatically to call your pet for feeding!
  • NO FUSS EASY CLEAN WITH PET-SAFE CLOSURE - detachable feeding tray and removable food storage container makes cleaning easy and keeps the the feeding area healthy for your pet. Stop naughty pets helping themselves with a secure food container lock.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is with 2.4Ghz network only - please ensure your home router supports this. Standby power provided by 3D batteries (not ssupplied) . Suitable for dry food only and should be 02-0.59inches In size
Popularity: 85 / 100
Release Date: 27 Jul 2015
  • 2017 new and improved SmartFeeder features include a stronger feeding wheel, better bowl connection
  • All purchases include an offer for a free SmartFeeder ramp, designed for kibbles that need help sliding into the bowl. (shipped from Petnet after product registration)
  • Using the Petnet app you can personalize food portions and automate your pet's meal schedule
  • Get notifications for meals served, low food, delivery updates and more
  • Sign-up for SmartDelivery and have your pet's food delivered - SmartDelivery is still in beta and not all food recipes are available yet
Popularity: 85 / 100
$74.99 View deals
  • Serves up to 5 meals a the pets normal meal times
  • Easy to use 90-hour meal time program
  • Twin ice packs help keep food fresh
  • Quartz timer
  • Dishwasher proof bowls. Please refer the User Manual before use.
Popularity: 83 / 100
  • Save $250 With Amazon, RRP $549, Amazon Price $299!
  • Wi-Fi Inside, Easily Connects To Your Home Network In Under 1 Minute
  • Built In Webcam So You Can See Your Pet From Anywhere With ANY Computer, Tablet or Smartphone (Inc iOS, Android Or Windows)
  • Set One-Time Or Regular Schedules For Unlimited Pets From One Login Even If You're Away From Home
  • Each Compartment (There's 6) Holds Up To An 8oz Cup Size, You Decide How Much To Feed. Great For WET OR DRY FOOD, Or Even Treats*
Popularity: 83 / 100
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  • 【Regulate Pet's Meal】 Amzdeal automatic cat feeder can program up to 4 meals per day with flexible meal size from 1 to 39 portions per meal. 5g for 1 portion, around 1/12 cup. So you can customize the feeding for your pet and help to prevent your pet from over eating.
  • 【Voice Record】 Built in Voice Recorder and Speaker, Amzdeal cat feeder can record your voice for 12 seconds and play it at meal time to call pets for meals, so she or he will not miss the meal when the food is ready.
  • 【Dual Power Supply】 Amzdeal pet feeder runs on three D batteries, but there is also an optional AC power adapter you can use instead. You can use the batteries as a backup in case the electricity if cut off.
  • 【Infrared Detection】 Design with infrared detection to detect the food outlet, the cat food dispenser can prevent the food from over spilling or stuck.
  • 【Easy to Use】 With an easy-to-read LCD screen and control panel, it is easy for you to set the feeder. What's more, you do not need to set it everyday. After you set the time and meal size for feeding, it will remember and repeat everyday.
Popularity: 83 / 100
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  • ADAPTER ONLY - Pet feeder and bowls are sold separately
  • Dispenses equal portions in each side
  • Designed for you to save space and simplify your life!
  • Designed, manufactured, and patented by Precision3dPrints in the USA
  • Not compatible with PetSafe Wi-Fi feeder. For PetSafe Wi-Fi Feeder attachment, go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077VKZL78
Popularity: 82 / 100
  • Medium 6 Pound Auto Feeder
  • Ideally Sized for Large Dogs
  • Removable Lid for Easy Cleaning of Food Container
Popularity: 82 / 100
  • Flexible meal portions from 1/32 cup to 4 cups per meal. Food container capacity is minimum 3.3 lb for dry food. If you want to get more information or detailed operation, you can search HoneyGuaridan automatic pet feeder on YouTube.
  • Accurately feeding once you set on this dog and cat feeder can be scheduled up to 6 meals a day and help your pets keep good diet.
  • Built in Voice Recorder and Speaker : Record voice 12 seconds to call your pets for meals.
  • Prevent Food Locking and Spills : Built in infrared detection which can prevent the food locking, let your pets enjoy the meals. This system can fit any different shapes dry foods, but the food size can not exceed 0.39" * 0.39"(1 cm*1 cm), otherwise the food may be stuck in the hole.
  • Double Power Options and Ultra Low Power Consumption : With power adapter (including) to work or D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces, for good quality batteries can keep working for 6 months. We provide 12 months Warranty to all of our products.
Popularity: 82 / 100
  • United states food and drug administration food contact approved
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning
  • Dish washer safe
Popularity: 82 / 100
$78.30 View deals
  • TRAVEL, WORK AND SLEEP EASY: Automatically feeds your pet up to 6 pre-portioned meals a day whether you are home or away; no more early morning wake up calls or rushing home from work
  • PET-PROOF DISPENSER AND LID: Carousel turns and drops food, helping to prevent prying paws from turning the tray carousel and stealing food from the next tray slot
  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP: Built-in digital clock and LCD display takes the guess work out of setting meals
  • CONTROL PORTIONS AND PREVENT OVEREATING: Each tray slot holds up to 1 cup of dry or semi-moist dog or cat food; feed multiple smaller pre-portioned meals throughout the day for pets who have a habit of eating too quickly, or one larger meal once a day
  • EASY CLEANING: Removable bowl and tray carousel are dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning
  • BATTERY POWERED: Requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included); estimated battery life is 9 months
  • PRODUCT SUPPORT: PetSafe brand's US-based Customer Care experts will be glad to help; call, email or chat Monday through Saturday at 800-845-3274
  • PetSafe brand has been an industry leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year
Popularity: 82 / 100
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AF1 pet feeder
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FEEDING SCHEDULE: Our pet feeder is very easy to setup and use! As you can see from our pictures there are 5 individual feeding compartments. Each one holds about 240 ml of DRY OR SEMI-WET food, for a total capacity of 1.2L. The tray itself is very easy to remove and clean!
  • FEEDING ON A REGULAR DIET TIME: This feeder helps you customize pet feeding schedule (use military time). You are able to set regular feeding time in advance and the auto feeder will dispense food for your pets on the right time. Multiple meals for multiple days and up to 5 meals per day.
  • TWO OPTIONS FOR POWER SUPPLY: With our product you have two options for power. If you're at home you can plug directly into the wall using the DC 5V/1A cable( that is included ) or if you're on the go you can simply install 4 "C" size batteries (which are NOT included) and our pet feeder can come right along with you! We have also installed a "Low-Battery" warning light that will come on before you run out of power.
  • VOICE MESSAGE CAPABILITY: Our research has shown that if your pet hears the same voice command before each meal, then he or she will begin to associate the two and will know it's time to eat! The 10 second recording also allows your pet to hear your voice when you aren't home, which can provide them some comfort from afar!
  • FLEXIBLE STANDBY MODE: We have installed a feature that will automatically set the feeder to "Standby" if there has been no operation for 25 seconds. This will save your money on your electric bill AND batteries!
Popularity: 81 / 100
$46.85 View deals
  • The AF-200 is the most advanced programmable pet feeder on the market
  • With large capacity and hold food up to 10 lb. Dispense from 1/4 cup to 5 cups
  • Built in voice recorder and speaker so that you can record your own voice to call your dog for food
  • Up to 6 months long last battery life
  • Great for small to large pets
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Hi I noticed you do not deliver to Malaysia. Can you pls advise from which agent I can buy from? Tao bao? Thks.
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