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Popularity: 100 / 100
  • 2018 Volkl Mantra Skis
Popularity: 98 / 100
Blue / Red
  • 2018 Nordica Enforcer Skis
Popularity: 98 / 100
Black, Blue, Red
  • Carbon Alloy Matrix is a totally new super fiber engineered into the ski at Rossignol. Rossi's exclusive Basalt infused fibers are woven diagonally with heavy strands of Carbon Graphite. The result is even better edge grip and even more stability, while at the same time, the E88 HD remains very easy to ski on, and maintains its playful feel on the snow. This new construction truly amplifies the ski into HD!
  • Air Tip is a Rossignol exclusive feature that removes mass at the very end of the ski. This concentrates more of the ski's mass underfoot, and reduces swing weight for improved maneuverability and effortless flotation in deeper snow.
  • Auto Turn Rocker - A profile with 70% standard camber in the center of the ski and 30% rocker at the tip and tail. The high underfoot camber delivers secure grip for on-piste performance. The slight tip and tail rocker gives a power-assisted steering effect with effortless control, as well as excellent versatility in powder and on the piste. Rocker helps wider skis turn like narrower skis.
  • Basalt Dampening - Natural volcanic basalt rock, spun into fibers and woven into the layup of the ski to absorb vibration for a smooth, stable ride without making the ski feel dead or heavy. Still very lively, but very, very smooth at speed.
  • Laminate wood core - The best way to build a ski. Wood absorbs vibration better than any other material, and is super durable as well. As skis get wider, twisting stiffness tends to get softer, so wide skis don't hold as well on harder snow. Wood cores are torsionally (twisting) stiffer.
Popularity: 97 / 100
$749.95 Show listing
Multi Color
  • Air tip
  • Light wood
  • Powder Turn Rocker
  • Minicap Sandwich
Popularity: 95 / 100
  • Sidecut: 130/92/113 Radius: 12.6m @149, 14.2m @156, 16.0m @163, 17.9m @170
  • Multi Layer Woodcore, Titanal Frame & Base of P-Tex 210
  • Carbon Tips, Moderate Taper, and Tip & Tail Rocker Design
  • Full Sidewall Construction
  • Skill: Advanced to Expert Women Skiers
Popularity: 95 / 100
  • 2018 Head Kore 93 Skis
Popularity: 94 / 100
  • Spaceframe 3.0 AMB
  • Inverted 3D Woodcore
  • Full Sandwich Sidewalls 360°
  • Ti Power Platform
  • CFX Superfiber
Popularity: 94 / 100
  • Carbon Flipcore DRT
  • Lite Core
  • Sandwich Compound Sidewall
  • Recommended Bindings: Look SPX 12, Tyrolia Attack 13, Salomon STH WTR 13, Marker Griffon
  • Recommended Brake Size: 105-115mm
Popularity: 94 / 100
  • Length: 167 cm, 174 cm, 181 cm
  • Dimensions: [181cm] 140 / 106 / 126 mm
  • Turn Radius: 20 m
  • Profile: Twin Rocker (rockered tip & tail, flat underfoot)
  • Construction: sandwich
Popularity: 94 / 100
$719.95 Show listing
  • Sidecut: 128/81/109
  • 3D.RIDGE Sensor Wood Core
  • 3D.RIDGE Construction
  • Powered by Steel
  • Tip and Tail Rocker Profile
Popularity: 93 / 100
One Color
  • Sidecut: 134/96/117 mm at 177 cm
  • Multi Layer Wood Core
  • Titanal Frame
  • Carbon Tips and Tails
  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile
Popularity: 93 / 100
$609.94 Show listing
  • Semi-Cap Construction
  • Poplar Wood Core
  • Full Reverse Camber
  • Unique 120cm Titanal Plate
  • 3700g/ Per Pair (@183cm)
Popularity: 93 / 100
$419.97 Show listing
One Color
  • Sidecut: 128/98/118
  • Radius: 18m @180cm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg/pair @180cm
  • Tech: Air Tip 2.0
  • Structure: Minicap Sandwich
Popularity: 93 / 100
  • Sidecut: 135/98/119 mm at 180 cm Length Turn Radius: 18 m at 180 cm Length
  • Sandwich Compound Sidewalls & Poplar-Beech Wood Core
  • Double Titanal Laminates & Carbon Flipcore Technology
  • All Mountain Shape Concept & Progressive Rocker Concept & Improved Turn Initiation
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert
Popularity: 93 / 100
  • 2018 Head Kore 105 Skis
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Questions about Downhill Skis

There are 6 questions about Downhill Skis. Ask a question Show all

User Avatar
I have been skiing on a Kendo 177 ski for the past 5 years - time to replace! I am an advanced skier - Sun Valley and Utah mostly - like groomers, bumps, and an occasional powder when I can find it. I am thinking of trying Volkl100Eight. How does it compare with the Kendo?
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User Avatar
trying to decide between the 2018 Blizzard Brahmas 173 vs 180. I'm 5'7" intermediate to advanced, weigh 185 lbs. Currently using 2017 Bonafide 173's . Looking for front-side ski for crud, ice, bumps, etc. I have a tendency to do quick turns to control speed.
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User Avatar
I have an open budget, i am an expert skier, i want skiis that are primarily for hard pack, icy conditions, i have other all mount skiis, i have tried the vokyl rtm 81 and am wondering what else to try, atomic vantage ?
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User Avatar
I'm an advanced skier that ski's every weekend. looking for a fast turning ski as I tend to make a lot of turns. I'm 5'8", 230 lbs, 60 years old but don't let any of that fool you, I like to ski HARD! Any suggestions?
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User Avatar
So I'm trying to decide between a Ripstick 96 and an Enforcer 100. I ski a variety and like the trees. Any ideas?
Related: Nordica Enforcer 100, Elan Ripstick 106, Downhill Skis | Submitted by Robin 556 days ago

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