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Popularity: 97 / 100
Release Date: 30 Apr 2015
  • Clinically proven light therapy lamp and alarm clock for improving your sleep, energy, and well- being
  • Only Philips wake-up light alarm clocks are clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed. Light intensity - 200 lux
  • Natural light alarm clock for a more natural wake-up. Lamp with natural light sunrise alarm improves your ability to function in the morning
  • Tap-to-snooze alarm clock with speaker and beep function ensure you wake up on time. Use the light therapy lamp as a bedside reading lamp with 10 brightness settings
  • Natural light alarm clock comes with 90 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee from Philips
Popularity: 95 / 100
  • Sorry, Withings no longer provides support, updates or repairs for this product. Please visit our website for the latest product launches and news.
Popularity: 95 / 100
Release Date: 6 Mar 2014
  • DEEP PENETRATION & EFFECTIVE: Designed to deliver infrared heat to the body. The infrared heat improves the blood flow & circulation of the target area, encouraging muscles and damaged tissue to heel.
  • DRUG FREE & NON-INVASIVE PAIN RELIEF: Targeted for use on the entire body. Ideal for body area treatments of 11.8" x 15.7" - ideal for larger parts of the body. Red light surface: 6.5" x 6".
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: Easily adjustable to direct heat where you need it, and portable with a cord winder. 300W bulb behind ceramic glass delivers even, consistent infrared heat to the target area.
  • BRONCHIAL CONGESTION: For the supportive treatment of bronchial congestion, the infrared lamp should be facing the chest area for 10-15 minutes at a time, several times daily. Soothing heat
  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Warmth opens up capillaries, improves circulation & aids to get rid of toxins inside your body, encouraging joints, muscles & damaged tissue to heal - while reducing stiffness.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The timer automatically switches-off after 15 minutes and features an overheating protection function with active ventilation and 100% UV blocker. Keep at minimum distance of 12"-16."
  • WE'RE HERE FOR YOU: Our friendly Florida based team is happy to assist you with whatever questions and support you may need. That's right, our customer service is located right here in the USA!
Popularity: 93 / 100
Release Date: 28 Jun 2016
  • SUNLIGHT SIMULATION: Our Daylight Lamp provides natural sunlight simulation in winter months & sunless days, with a light intensity of 10,000 lux to help boost your mood and productivity.
  • HOW IT CAN HELP YOU: The Sun Lamp works to help reduce effects associated with winter blues, jet lag, shift work & seasonal time changes - ensuring daylight when you want it, where you want it.
  • ON DEMAND: Our TL30 features a slim design & compact size with LED technology. This results in a particularly bright and even illumination through the screen - wide illumination surface: 7.9" x 4.7".
  • WHERE WOULD YOU USE IT: Great for use in living & office spaces! If you sit in a dark office cubicle, the daylight lamp can help brighten your mood and increase your productivity throughout the day.
  • EASY TO USE: The Sun Lamp features a one-button operation to turn the light on & off at the top of the unit to illuminate the 10,000 lux light with a 6500K color temperature; AC-Adapter is included.
  • STORAGE POUCH: Get a dose of daylight wherever you are, even when traveling! We've made it easier than ever - the portable design and storage pouch make it easy to have sunshine in your hands.
  • WE'RE HERE FOR YOU: Our friendly Florida based team is happy to assist you with whatever questions and support you may need. That's right, our customer service is located right here in the USA!
Popularity: 88 / 100
  • ****2 year warranty**** ****60 day money-back guarantee if unsatisfied****
Popularity: 85 / 100
Release Date: 17 Apr 2015
  • Safe, full spectrum light therapy in a practical, compact size.
  • Provides 10,000 Lux, UV blocked bright white light therapy recommended by professionals.
  • Customizes to your personal preference for light intensity with high or low settings, includes two easy to install no glare lenses for high energy or comfort.
  • Broad surface area emits more light per square inch for efficient light therapy sessions.
  • Light therapy at the right time of day can help improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm to improve sleep.
Popularity: 83 / 100
  • BEST DEAL OF THE YEAR | OFF-SEASON SALE (67% OFF!) - Now only $29.99 for a limited time summer sale. Usual price $69.99
  • EFFECTIVE LIGHT THERAPY - Designed specifically to help with disorders related to having limited exposure to sunlight.
  • 10,000 LUX BRIGHTNESS - Optimized for maximum effectiveness and safety, the lamp produces 10,000 LUX of bright light that provides the maximum recommended dose for light therapy.
  • 5500K FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHT - One of the only lamps available that produces full-spectrum light (CRI >90). Composed of a larger range of the visible light spectrum means a higher quality light that more closely mimics the qualities of natural sunlight.
  • 50,000 HOUR LIFESPAN - LED lights mean you will never have to replace expensive light bulbs ever again. The sleek and modern looking design is something you'll be happy to keep on your desk all year round.
Popularity: 82 / 100
Release Date: 4 Jan 2004
  • Improve your mood and energy - naturally and comfortably - with Light Therapy from Verilux. Broad, even and clean "light field" allows for flexible positioning options.
  • Provides 10,000 Lux, UV blocked bright white light therapy recommended by professionals.
  • Bring natural spectrum lighting into any room or work area with soothing, energizing illumination that improves mood, energy and concentration.
  • Don't take chances with your eyes - Safety tested to the highest standards. Ideal for the sunlight deprivation, winter blues, office desk, evening shifts, insomnia and jet lag
  • LIVE USA based dedicated Customer Care and Support. A real brand you can trust since 1956. Don't accept cheap substitutes.
Popularity: 82 / 100
Release Date: 20 Sep 2007
  • SOOTHING LIGHT THERAPY LAMP: The Nature Bright Sun Touch 2-in-1 Light Therapy Lamp combines light and fresh air therapy in a compact design. It helps balance your body clock, leaving your entire body feeling rested, refreshed, and nourished
  • PERFECT MOOD ENHANCER: Our Sun Touch Plus sun lamp is ideal for brightening your spirits in the winter season and year-round. Our SkyEffect technology emits 17,000 Kelvin UV-free light, which can uplift mood
  • CUSTOMIZED MOOD LIGHT: Since 2001, we've been helping people through hard times and toward a brighter future. Our built-in personal air purifier and built-in timer with 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute intervals allows customized use
  • CONVENIENT AND COMPACT: The Nature Bright sunlight lamp is designed with a slim footprint and upright design so it can fit seamlessly almost anywhere. You can set it on your desk at work or on the nightstand at home to help you elevate your mood
  • COMMITTED TO YOU: Sun Touch Plus is recommended by the Columbia Department of Psychiatry and is tested and certified safe for eyes by Age-related Macular Degeneration Center, University of Texas Medical Branch
Popularity: 81 / 100
White and blue
Release Date: 15 Jul 2018
  • LOW ENERGY SUPPORT - Meet AYO, a blue LED light-based wearable smart technology device designed to provide short gentle blue light therapy exposure. Enhance energy levels and alertness while optimizing your natural body rhythm to your lifestyle without the need for energy drinks or caffeine pills. In as little as 20 minutes under the blue lights, you can feel energized, refreshed, and ready for that big meeting or a much deserved night out. Take charge of your natural energy with AYO!
  • ALL NATURAL SLEEP IMPROVEMENT LIGHT - Do you ever feel the need to reset your biological clock? AYO's sleeping aid light can help you improve your sleep quality in less than 5 days! With AYO, falling asleep and waking up feeling naturally refreshed is easy. Enjoy better quality sleep benefits of this natural sleep solution without depending on sleep aids such as pills, melatonin supplements, or medicine. Feel peaceful as you drift to sleep on your own again with the AYO!
  • JET LAG PREVENTION - Overcoming jet lag has never been easier or more convenient thanks to AYO! This compact light therapy solution allows you to adapt to a new time zone 2 to 3 times faster making traveling smooth sailing from here on out. Based on your flight itinerary and user profile, the goAYO app uses proprietary algorithms to calculate the best time for you to use AYO as well as to avoid light, making international travel less stressful and more productive. Enter the blue light zone now!
  • INNOVATIVE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY GADGET - The wearable AYO blue-light emitting band fits comfortably on your head with a frame similar to glasses or sunglasses. The AYO smart programs for Sleep, Travel, and Energy are fully controlled by the goAYO App available for iOS and Android. One size fits all with dimensions of 6.1 x 2.6 x 0.9 in and a weight of 1.2 oz. Free Travel Case included to take AYO with you wherever you go! Optimize your biological rhythm with the science-based technology of AYO!
  • PROVEN, SAFE, AND CERTIFIED - The AYO LED light glasses are a safe and natural way to optimize your body clock. The AYO technology is based on tested and well-proven light treatment solutions and industry standards, with over 10,000 analyzed sessions. AYO is considered safe for the eyes, in accordance with EU directive IEC 62471 and is independently certified by TÜV Rheinland. Bluetooth 4.0 connection to goAYO app. Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery with over 10,000 hours of estimated life.
Popularity: 81 / 100
White and Blue
  • ☀️LIGHT THERAPY ON-THE-GO : Luminette is for those who are active in the morning and who don't have time to sit down in front of a light therapy box. They can be worn while carrying on with your daily morning routine
  • ☀️PATENTED LIGHTING SYSTEM : Thanks to its patented illumination system Luminette provides ideal eyes exposure while keeping vision free. If you wear glasses or contact lenses you can use Luminette without them impacting your vision or comfort
  • ☀️EQUIVALENT TO A 10,000 LUX LAMP : The light emitted is a blue-enriched white light. It comes with 3 intensities (500, 1,000 and 1,500 lux). An independent clinical trial has demonstrated that Luminette is as much beneficial as an 10,000 lux lamp
  • ☀️LONG AUTONOMY : Luminette is rechargeable by micro-usb cable; one charge gives autonomy for 6 sessions. Supplied with a US-plug charger
  • ☀️SAFE AND CERTIFIED: Luminette is manufactured in Belgium. Luminette has been safely used by more than 50,000 users since 2006. Luminette is certified as "zero-risk" device according to european standard IEC 62471 on photobiological safety
Popularity: 80 / 100
Release Date: 20 Oct 2014
  • Light therapy lamp clinically proven to increase energy levels, mood and sleep to help you to stay sharp. Natural treatment for Winter Blues by simulating the blue sky on a sunny day.
  • Light therapy blue light is as effective as 10,000 lux white light
  • Fights energy dips, fatigue and winter blues, results in just 20-30 min/day, use while reading, working.
  • 3 light intensity settings. Portable for home, office use and travel use.
  • Philips energy light comes with 90 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee from Philips
Popularity: 80 / 100
  • 2019 MODEL UPGRADES | NO MORE DOTS - We have upgraded the light panel to emit a uniform, fully diffused light. IMPROVED ADAPTER - To further improve reliability and durability. (Released Feb 2019).
  • 10,000 LUX, 3 LEVEL BRIGHTNESS | The recommended brightness for effective light therapy to help beat the winter blues, circadian sleep disorders, and fatigue. 3 one-touch adjustable brightness settings allow for different brightness levels depending on the use environment.
  • FULL-SPECTRUM, WHITE LIGHT, UV FREE | The 5500K color temperature is the color of the noonday sun. This full-spectrum light offers a wider range of colors of the visible spectrum.
  • 50,000 HOUR BULB LIFESPAN, 2 YEAR WARRANTY | LEDs last approximately 50,000 hours, much longer than fluorescent bulbs, meaning no replacing expensive bulbs ever again. Warranty covers lamp and adapter.
  • OUR MOST MINIMALIST MODERN LAMP | Symmetrical, with straight lines and square angles. This versatile design fits a modern home or office. The top-to-bottom panel creates an unembellished aesthetic.
Popularity: 79 / 100
$110.30 Show listing
Release Date: 25 Feb 2010
  • SAFE LIGHT THERAPY LAMPS. Combat fatigue, circadian sleep disorders, jet lag, shift work adjustment, and low energy with this bright light therapy lamp. The Day-Light Sky lamp is a light box that delivers the recommended 10,000 LUX light therapy.
  • LOOKING FOR SUN LAMPS? Our sunlight lamp is glare-free and flicker free that evenly distributes the light therapy. Made with high-efficiency ballasts, the Day-Light Sky daylight lamp eliminates flicker that comes with ordinary fluorescent fixtures
  • 2 SETTINGS: The light therapy lamp offers two settings. One setting provides 10000 LUX of therapeutic glare-free white light while the one-light setting provides convenient glare-free task lighting making it the perfect sunlight therapy lamp for any situation.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED, RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS. Doctors are recommending sun lamps and sunlight light therapy lamps for fatigue, jet lag, and for increasing energy. Exposure to the sunrise and sunlight is a key factor in synchronizing our bodies to the external world.
  • UV FILTERED & SAFE. The light box is made of Hi-impact polycarbonate and the lens filters 99.3% of harmful UV rays. This light therapy device meets the standards for safe sun lamp therapy and full spectrum light therapy
Popularity: 79 / 100
  • LED, UV-FREE, FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT - Delivers the recommended 10,000 lux (light level) intensity for effective light therapy
  • SLEEK, MODERN TABLET DESIGN - Blends seamlessly into office or home decor and can be positioned vertically or horizontally to fit anywhere - place next to laptop, on the kitchen counter or cubicle desk
  • SIMPLE TO USE - One on/off setting delivers powerful 10,000 lux, detachable stand
  • WIDE SURFACE AREA - Provided by our modern tablet design, it offers more light and enables freedom of movement for the user
  • SAFE AND NATURAL LIGHT THERAPY - Non-invasive and drug-free - perfect for office workers, late shifts, jet lag, insomnia, and sunlight deprivation
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I tend to sleep more in the fall and winter in Seattle. I wonder if light therapy would benefit me. How do I know whether to get a "happy light" or a "wake up light"?

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Does anyone know which system is more effective for treating SAD. These use different approaches- which is better
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tendlite is 3 watts..how do they compare...also they have almost 1000 reviews
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I have the Lr150 light relief system.
How do I order just the large light pad for my light relief unit?
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Do I need batteries?
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