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We've had an hp officejet pro 8610 for a couple of years and love it. We currently have loads of ink (over $200 worth) and now the printer is acting up (printer head) and we can't seem to fix it. A discontinued NEW 8610 is about $200 while a new 8710 is about $120. It doesn't take the same ink, so that is our hesitation plus why is it cheaper? Is the 8710 not as good as the 8610?
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I have the same experience.  I thought the 8610 was a good printer but never knew about this weekness - that the printhead would fail.  In effect, the machine self-destructs and the replacement part is close in cost to a new printer.  The 8610 also has trouble staying on-line.  My printing requirements are down and I purposely switched brands.  My Epson 830 has a small paper tray but other than that, the Epson seems solid and not as bulky.  Time will tell.

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