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Bissell CrossWave

Shark Rocket DuoClean

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How do they compare?

Are you still in search for the best cleaning equipment for your home? These two upright vacuum cleaners released in 2016 both provide new approach to cleaning technology. 


What makes them Unique?

Bisell CrossWave

  • - The Bisell CrossWave is a one-step cleaning device that guarantees cleaner floors. It means that it washes and vacuums your floor at the same time through its dual-action brush roll and a multi-surface cleaning solution. 
  • - The dual-action brushroll is composed of microfibers that are used for mopping the floor while the nylon bristles is used to brush and pick up the dirt. 
  • - It also uses a SmartClean Fingertup button to dispense the right amount of the multi-surface cleaning solution. 
  • - It is intended for hard floors, laminates and area rugs. 
  • This equipment is heavy at 11 lbs. Not to mention that it has a built-in two-tank technology; with clean water capacity of 28 oz. and dirty water capacity of up to 14 oz. 
  • - For convenient after-use cleaning, an easy cleaning storage tray must be filled with water before running the machine for self-cleaning brushroll. 
  • - Bisell offers two-year warranty for this product.


Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382

  • - The Duo Clean is built with 2 kinds of brushrolls: the soft brushroll and the bristle brush. It features its effective cleaning technology called the triple particle cleaning against large and small dust particles as well as the stuck-on dirt.
  • - It bears a better quality motor that runs at 600 watts. 
  • - It can hold up to .25 gallons of dust, good enough to clean 5-6 rooms before emptying. 
  • - Washable felt and foam filters.
  • - It offers an impressive limited VIP lifetime warranty when bought directly from their site and a 5-year warranty when purchased from 3rd party sites.
  • - It offers tons of special features such as: LED lights, Quick Release Foot Pedal, Hair Removal Tool, and Brushroll Garage.
  • - The DuoClean HV382 comes with numerous accessories for ultimate cleaning. It includes: a dusting brush, a duster, an upholstery tool, an under appliance wand, a multi-angle dusting brush, TruePet Motorized brush, an on-board storage clip, a wall-mount slot, and an accessory bag. 
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General Info
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Comes with Two-Tank System for clean and dirty water. Swivel steering for easy manuever & cleaning.
Upright vacuum cleaner with bagless technology and DuoClean technology. Includes duster crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool.
Vacuum Cleaner Type Vacuum cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most common types include upright, handheld, canister, stick, robotic, and drum. Upright vacuums are probably what you picture when someone me ... Show more
Dust Handling

There are two major types of vacuums: bagged or bagless. Bagged vacuums collect all dirt and debris into a bag, which must be changed every time it’s full. These bags are typically better at collecting allergens that irritate asthma and allergies. Plus, bagged vacuums are easier to empty, but they do require you to purchase new bags on an ongoing basis.

Bagless vacuums collect dirt and debris into a dustbin or canister, which is emptied when it’s full. Though there are no bags, and therefore no ongoing investment, the downside is that this style can be difficult to empty and oftentimes scatters dust when you’re dumping the bin if you’re not careful.

In addition, the maximum capacity of the dustbin or bag will vary widely based on vacuum type. Regardless of type, a good vacuum also includes an indicator when the bin/bag is full. In bagless vacuums, the dustbin is usually see-through, so you can tell when its full. For bagged vacuums, it’s especially helpful to have a full bag light or sound indication when it’s time to empty the bag.

Dust Collection Bagless = one time investment; bagged = easier to empty the vacuum
Dust Capacity How much dust it can hold?
428.8162 mL
1,101.221 mL
Full bag/bin indicator Is there an indicator of when the bin/bag needs to be emptied?
Filter Type Vacuums typically have a primary and secondary filter that collects dust and dirt from the air as it’s sucked into the vacuum before disposing it back into your home environment. A good filtration sys ... Show more
Cleaning Ability
Cleaning Method Most vacuums are dry vacuums. They use air suction to remove dirt and debris from various sources but cannot suck up any liquids. However, some vacuums will also be wet vacuums. Wet/dry vacuums let yo ... Show more
Surface Type The types of floors in your home are an important consideration with choosing a vacuum. A vacuum not designed for hardwood could do some serious damage to your floors. Plus, regular vacuums don’t alwa ... Show more
Tile, sealed wood floors, carpet, rugs, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors
Hard floors, carpets, upholstered furniture, stairs
Brush Type Most vacuum cleaners come with a brush in the suction portion of the machine—a cylinder with bristles that rotates to brush up dirt and debris. (Smaller models, such as certain stick vacuums, may not ... Show more
Dual Action Brush Roll
Bristle brush
Pile Adjust Vacuum cleaners should be adjusted based on the height, or pile, of the carpet/rug. If the setting is too low, the vacuum may not be able to get enough airflow for the suction to be effective. If the ... Show more
Power Features
Easy On/Off Is there an easy access switch on the handle?
Self-propelling Some types of vacuum cleaners (excluding robotic vacuums, which are inherently self-propelling) are known for being heavy and difficult to push, especially when they have strong suction and are used o ... Show more
Power Cord

Keep in mind the size of your home and its rooms when you consider the length of the vacuum’s cord. Longer cords will allow you to vacuum longer without needing to move to another outlet. The average cord length is around 5 meters or 15 feet, though some brands and models will have cords up to 10 meters/30 feet. If you live in a small apartment, cord length probably isn’t a huge concern for you. However, longer cords will help you clean larger homes and rooms more quickly and with fewer interruptions from moving outlet to outlet. Also, retractable cords are easier to store, especially if you have a longer cord length, which is something to consider.

Cord length How long is the maximum cord length from the outlet?
25 ft
30 ft
Retractable cord Does the cord automatically retract with a button?
Manual Wrap
Manually wounded
Physical Features
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11 lbs

10 lbs
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Premium Features
Included Tools Outside of additional brushes, vacuum cleaners can come with a variety of other tools and attachments to maximize your cleaning process. Some of the most common include the: Crevice tool: A skinny tub ... Show more
  • Clean Water Tank
  • Storage Tray
  • Brush Roll Drying Tray
  • Under appliance wand
  • Pet multi-tool
  • Duster crevice tool
  • Accessory bag
  • On-board tool clip
  • Wall mount
Collapsible If you need to store your vacuum in a small space, live in a small apartment with very little storage, or just want the vacuum to be out of the way, choose a collapsible design. These vacuums usually ... Show more
Additional Info
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100 / 100
Rank: #1 out of 679.
97 / 100
Rank: #3 out of 679.
  • Vacuum and wash your floors at the same time without the hassle of a cord!
  • CrossWave Cordless multi-surface cleaner is safe and effective for use on tile, sealed wood floors, carpet, rugs, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and more.
  • Concentrated formula for use in Cross Wave or Spin Wave series machines
  • Removes tracked-in dirt, mud, paw prints, and other pet messes
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  • Ultra-light, upright vacuum that easily converts to a handheld vac
  • DuoClean Technology uses 1 single head for unbelievable hard floor and carpet cleaning
  • Triple Particle Cleaning removes small, large, and stuck on particles
  • 2 power settings make it suitable for both carpets and floors
  • Converts into a 4.6 pound handheld to conveniently clean furniture and stairs
  • Read more
Special Features Unique features that sets it apart from other vacuum cleaner
  • Two-Tank Technology for clean water with solution
  • Smart Clean FngerTip Technology
  • Bagless technology
  • DuoClean technology
  • 0.3-gallon dust cup
  • Powerful LED headlights on nozzle
  • Easy access brushroll garage
2-Year Limited Warranty
5-Year Limited Warranty
Release Date
15 Aug 2016
1 Sep 2016
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Key features
  • Vacuums and washes
  • Multi-surface machine cleans
  • Dual-action
  • Two-tank system
  • Smart-touch controls
  • On-demand solution trigger
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner

Bissell CrossWave is a top selling option on the higher end of the price range. It's a #1 bestseller in vacuum cleaners category and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 or Kenmore Elite 31150 .

Bissell CrossWave was released in 2016. There are dozens of newer vacuum cleaners on the market. Show newer Vacuum Cleaners

Bissell CrossWave is $98.65 more expensive than the average vacuum cleaner ($169.99).

Key features
  • Rocket with DuoClean
  • Triple Particle Cleaning
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Versatile above-floor cleaning
  • Never loses suction
  • Powerful motor
  • Duo Clean
  • TruePet Motorized Brush

Shark Rocket DuoClean is a very popular option on the lower end of the price range. It has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Black+decker VCBD602 or Atrix AHC-1 .

Shark Rocket DuoClean was released in 2016. There are dozens of newer vacuum cleaners on the market. Show newer Vacuum Cleaners

Shark Rocket DuoClean is $60 cheaper than the average vacuum cleaner ($169.99).

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