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With so many options to choose from when buying online, it's important to make an educated decision. There's nothing worse than being disappointed with your purchase on delivery, or having to mail it back to return it.

With Review Finder you will

  • Read and view video reviews from real customers and professionals in one place
  • View prices, specifications, images, and more side by side for the products that you are considering
  • Get suggestions for alternative products that are cheaper, newer, or offer more functionality for a similar price
  • Understand what specs and features to look for before you buy

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Prices and reviews directly from the eCommerce market.

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Reviews from real product owners and industry experts.

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We help save hours of research

We've all done this at some point. A quest of finding the best microwave (speaker, laptop, gaming chair...) turns into 3 hours of digging through Internet and opening about a dozen tabs in your browser.

At ReviewFinder we collect all product-related information online into one database. Robots collect the info, while humans categorize and check the data. All of this is compiled into one dataset that will give you objective info on what products are rising in popularity, which ones are lacking in features, which ones you should avoid.

We explain product details in simple terms.

Is 1200x600 DPI good enough for a color printer? How does the frequency range in a speaker affect sound quality? What is a HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner and should you care about it? Comparing specs is not helpful if you don't know what they mean.

You can't be a specialist in everything. And you don't have to. Aside from simply comparing formal charateristics of products, we'll also break down the tech jargon that manufacturers and reviewers are so fond of.

We work with industry experts.

Some people choose a product based on numbers, others prefer to trust professional reviewers' opinions. Which way works better for you?

Either way, we got you covered. Aside from prices and specifications, you'll find opinions and video reviews from product experts on our comparison pages.

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What's hot right now?

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