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Product review of iPhone 15 Pro Max
Sentiment: Somewhat positive
The iPhone 15 Pro Max is a top-tier smartphone with exceptional camera capabilities, excellent battery life, and a robust build, making it a major go despite some minor drawbacks and high price.
...Trust me, you're gonna love this phone.... Next quote
iPhone 15 Pro Max "Real Review" - The Snyder Cut
11 Oct 2023
📸 Excellent camera quality
...This is why you're buying this phone and in my opinion besides the iPhone 15 Pro Max you got the google pixel 7 and 8 pro You got the galaxy s23 ultra the xiaomi 13 ultra the sony mark 5 Oppo find x6 pro and the vivo x90 pro plus those are the best cameras on the market... Watch in video
🔋 Impressive battery life
...The battery life is insane You've got the wireless charging you got reverse wired charge now you got USB type-c you got ProRes Recording straight to an external hard drive... Watch in video
🔊 Outstanding speakers
...The iPhone has some of the best speakers in the game I would say there's only a few phones that I can name like this phone right here I this Asus ROG There's a few phones that I can name that do have better speakers, but the iPhone is top tier speakers... Watch in video
🌟 Beautiful display
...The iPhone the 15 Pro Max 120 Hertz refresh rate 2,000 nits brightness. This is a great display... Watch in video
🔒 Superior Face ID
...Now all jokes aside you know iPhones have arguably the best face unlock in the game... Watch in video
💡 iOS 17 features
...iOS 17 has so many dope features as a Samsung night. I gotta take my hat off. These are dope phones... Watch in video
🔌 USB Type-C charging
...But having it on an iPhone that's a huge deal and not only do you get USB type-c charging you get reverse wired charging... Watch in video
🎥 ProRes Recording
...But now that we got usb type-c charging you could go out and get an external hard drive Just plug it in Okay now when you click on that, Okay now look at this pro res hdr right to the external hard drive How dope is that... Watch in video
💪 Robust build quality
...Okay, you're gonna notice the build quality Immediately. I love it... Watch in video
🌐 Always-on Display and Standby Mode
...Actually love it the action button Most importantly though you get in USB type-c charging now I know Samsung Knights Android warlords... Watch in video
🤔 🚫 No fingerprint sensor
...Now Apple, you got a fingerprint sensor on the peasant iPad. Y'all seen me review that iPad, iPad mini, the fingerprint sensor on the top. Why not just put a fingerprint sensor into the button right here?... Watch quote in video
🤔 💸 High price
...1,200 bucks for 256. That's TGH. And if you don't know what that means, that's too goddamn high... Watch quote in video
🤔 📦 Poor unboxing experience
...You go home, you got a glass of Hennessy, you know, you got a cigar... You open it up, you peel this off, you look in the box... okay, you got one Apple troll sticker and a cable. Okay, and that's it. The unboxing experience is over... Watch quote in video
🤔 🔋 Slow charging speeds
...Take advantage of USB type-c charging and then still keep 25-watt charging speeds. Now that's 0 to 50% in around 30 to 35 minutes... Watch quote in video
🤔 🔄 No reverse wireless charging
...Reverse wired charging, but you see, Android is always one step ahead. With the galaxy phones, you could do reverse wireless charging... Watch quote in video
🤔 📱 No home screen rotation
...No home screen rotation. Okay, so we open up the device, we go like this. Now, yeah, remember with the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 was my last iPhone that I had that had home screen rotation... Watch quote in video
🤔 🚫 No split-screen multitasking
...Split screen multitasking, not fast tasking. Okay, this is fast testing when you go like this... This is fast testing going like this back and forth. That's cool, but I would like to see both at the same time... Watch quote in video
🤔 🎥 No pause in video recording
...When you're shooting a video... I can't pause the video. I gotta stop it and then I gotta start recording again. Stop it and start recording again... Watch quote in video
🤔 🎬 No 8K video recording
...When you go to video, you got all the way up to 8K at 30 frames per second. With a galaxy, you're only getting 4K 60 frames per second... Watch quote in video
🤔 📷 No pro mode for the camera
...No pro mode on the video. Now, y'all know, they call me Petty Roosevelt, so I do have a petty—a couple of petty gripes... Watch quote in video
Product review of Jbl Boombox 3
Sentiment: Very positive
The JBL Boombox 3 impresses with its enhanced durability, powerful sound that offers zero distortion at maximum volume, and the significant upgrades over its predecessor, earning it a major recommendation for those seeking the best in portable Bluetooth speakers.
...Is this speaker really worth 500 bucks?... Next quote
JBL Boombox 3 - The Best JBL Speaker Ever?
2 Oct 2022
🌊 Enhanced Durability with Increased Water and Dust Resistance
...Now the Boombox 2 that's IPX7 water resistant. The Boombox 3 IP67 dust and water resistant. So you're getting more durability... Watch in video
💪🏼 Stronger Build with a Slight Increase in Weight for Better Sound Quality
...Now the Boombox 2 that's 13 pounds. The Boombox 3 is 14 pounds. So it's a little bit heavier... Watch in video
🎶 Improved Audio Setup for Superior Sound Experience
...With the Boombox 3 you got an extra speaker. So you got one 80 watt woofer, two 40 watt mids. And two 10 watt tweeters... Watch in video
📱 Enhanced Connectivity with the Latest Bluetooth Version
...Now with the Boombox 2 you're getting Bluetooth 5.1. With the 3 you're getting Bluetooth 5.3. So better connectivity... Watch in video
🔋 Long Battery Life with Quick Charging
...Now the battery life on this is 24 hours and it takes six hours to fully charge... Watch in video
🔄 Easy Pairing with Multiple JBL Speakers Using Party Boost
...Now you got party boost so you can pair up multiple JBL speakers... Watch in video
🔌 Built-In Power Bank and Auxiliary Input for Versatility
...You got a built-in power bank, a 3.5 auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices... Watch in video
📲 User-Friendly Experience with the JBL App
...Now you can use the JBL app to customize all of the settings... Watch in video
🎵 Crystal Clear Sound at Maximum Volume without Distortion
...All right now one of the things that JBL claims about the Boombox 3 is that you could rock this at max volume with zero distortion... Watch in video
🥇 Considered the Best Sounding Portable Bluetooth Speaker in its Size Category
...This is the best sounding portable Bluetooth speaker at this size, period... Watch in video