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Product review of Cybertruck
The Tesla Cybertruck, with its iconic design and innovative features such as steer-by-wire and an 800-volt system, brings a mix of excitement and practical challenges, ultimately defining it as a groundbreaking yet polarizing vehicle in today's automotive landscape.
...Is the Cybertruck actually ugly or iconic?... Next quote
Tesla Cybertruck Review: Already Iconic?
29 Mar 2024
🔋 The Cybertruck's quick and agile driving experience due to steer-by-wire and variable steering ratio.
...But combined with the variable steering ratio and the four-wheel steering, this is the most nimble, agile-feeling truck that I have ever driven... Watch in video
🛡️ Bulletproof stainless steel provides exceptional durability and protection.
...Obviously having a very durable truck is super useful of course. But bulletproof up to nine millimeter rounds?... it can literally stop smaller rounds without being punctured... Watch in video
🏁 Surprisingly fast performance for a truck, outperforming many sports cars in straight-line acceleration.
...So I've expanded it here. So this was the triple motor Cybertruck's best run, one of the first runs. It runs a 10.9 second 1/4 mile, which if you don't know, is absolutely ridiculous... Watch in video
⚡ The vehicle's 800 volt architecture and the 48 volt low voltage system make it technically the lightest fully electric pickup truck in the world.
...I'm going underrated, if only for the fun fact that this, this is technically the lightest fully electric pickup truck in the world...
🤔 🚫 Polarizing Design
...Like if you just check the comment section online, it's actually mostly negative... Watch quote in video
🤔 🤔 Confusing Steering Features
...It definitely takes some getting used to... Watch quote in video
🤔 🏋️ Heavy and Hard to Maintain Material
...Your truck is now made of an extremely fingerprinting material... Watch quote in video
🤔 📏 Manufacturing and Quality Issues
...This one had a pretty big panel gap on the driver's side door... Watch quote in video
🤔 💸 Overrated Towing Performance
...If you're buying a truck specifically for towing, then you have a short list of trucks you're considering and none of them are electric... Watch quote in video
🤔 🔋 Missing Features and Options
...There's also no Autopilot right now, even if you paid for it. No light bar right now, even if you paid for it... Watch quote in video