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Kef Q300

Kef Q300
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  • With its 6.5 inch point-source Uni-Q driver array, the Q300 delivers an accurately dispersed soundstage throughout the room than is possible with any conventional speaker.
  • The Q300's Uni-Q driver array also features a rigid new aluminum cone technology and a large, 2 inch voice coil to ensure impressive and distortion-free low frequency handling.
  • The KEF Q300 stands a full 14 inches tall and just under a foot deep, making it perfect for any bookshelf or desktop in your home. The versatile Q300 can be paired up with any floorstanding speakers, center channels, or subwoofers from the KEF Q Series as a home theater system.
  • Used solo or in tandem with other Q Series speakers as a full-on home theater system, the Q300 will envelope any room in the same beautifully integrated three-dimensional sound image.
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Number of Speakers How many bookshelf speakers are included?
Speaker Design The primary components of a bookshelf speaker are “drivers,” which are the cones that actually create the sound. These cones come in three types: tweeters, midranges (sometimes called mids), and woofe ... Show more
Physical Features
1.2 ft x 8.3 inches x 12 inches

17 lbs
Color Mouse over a color for a picture
Indoor or Outdoor Use Can the speaker be used outdoors?
Enclosure Type The type of enclosure, or cabinet, plays a key role in determining the focus of your sound. Do you prefer accurate bass or loud bass? There are two main types: acoustic suspension and bass reflex. Aco ... Show more
Bass Reflex
Sound Quality and Power
Sensitivity Measured in decibels, or dB, sensitivity measures a speaker’s ability to convert power to volume. Lower sensitivity speakers require more power from the amplifier to achieve higher volumes. Higher sen ... Show more
110 dB
Frequency Response Range Given as a range in Hertz (Hz), the frequency response is a measurement of the range of sound a speaker can produce. For reference, the human ear can hear a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (shor ... Show more
42Hz - 40kHz
Magnetically Shielded When sound is played through a speaker, an electromagnet is activated using the power from the amplifier to bring the driver forward, and another magnet pulls the driver back. This causes the driver t ... Show more
Peak Power Power handling, or peak power, is the highest wattage a speaker can accept from an amplifier before it burns out or becomes damaged. This number is given in watts. It’s recorded by measuring how loud ... Show more
120 Watts
Powered Speaker What you may not know about bookshelf speakers is that they don’t always work straight out of the box. To power the speakers, you often need a receiver and an amplifier. Amplifiers power the signal th ... Show more
Impedance Impedance is a key electrical measurement, provided in ohms. This number describes the electrical resistance provided by the speaker to the power signal sent by your amplifier. A common analogy used f ... Show more
8 Ohms
High Resolution Audio More and more, musicians and streaming services are offering high-resolution audio playback for music files. Like a TV, your speaker has to be high-res capable to play these high-res files. True audio ... Show more

Tweeters produce the highest frequencies in sound, typically anything above 2,000 Hz. Usually located at the top of the speaker, tweeters come in different shapes (detailed below) and sizes. Generally speaking, the size of the tweeter is not as important as the shape. But, for some guidance, consider that a larger tweeter (measured by diameter in inches or millimeters) will likely be louder and able to disperse sound over a larger area.

Number of Tweeters
Tweeter Type Tweeters produce the highest frequencies in sound, typically anything above 2,000 Hz. Usually located at the top of the speaker, tweeters come in different shapes (detailed below) and sizes. Generally ... Show more
Tweeter Size Diameter of the Tweeter
1 inches
Tweeter Material In addition to the shape of the tweeter, the material has a big impact on the type of sound emitted. The two most popular materials are metals (aluminum, titanium, etc.) and soft textiles (silk, cloth ... Show more
Vented aluminum dome

Speakers with midrange drivers (i.e., at least three-way speakers) have a distinct advantage over two-way speakers. Adding a midrange driver to the mix allows tweeters and woofers to focus on the sound waves they’re best equipped to produce—high tones and low tones respectively. More specific and focused drivers means more accurate, robust sound. Compared to the other drivers, midranges cover sounds, not surprisingly, in the middle of high/treble and low/bass tones. The human voice and most instruments fall into this range. For more sophisticated listeners, or for those who truly want the best sound reproduction, a midrange driver is crucial.

Number of Midranges
Midrange Size Diameter of the midrange (mid)
6.5 inches

The woofer is the driver that is responsible for low frequency sounds and bass - crucial for well-rounded, booming sound. It is the biggest driver in size, and is usually shaped like a cone. When reviewing different bookshelf speakers, you will often see a measurement in the product name, starting as low as 4” and ranging to 6 ½” or more. This measurement refers to the diameter of the woofer. A general rule of thumb is a bigger woofer means louder, more powerful bass. But, as with any speaker metric, this number alone doesn’t describe the loudness of the speaker and should be taken into consideration with other measurements such as sensitivity, which describes the loudness of a speaker per watt.

Woofer Material Woofers are built with a variety of materials, such as paper, plastic, polypropylene, Kevlar, or metal. Some are even made with more unique materials like wood. They key to quality in a woofer materia ... Show more
Aluminum Uni-Q
Remote Control Does the box include a remote?
Button Controls Control the speaker with buttons on the device.
App/Smartphone Control If the bookshelf speaker is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled (or both), you’ll likely be able to control the output through your smartphone or other device. Sometimes, this capability comes with the caveat ... Show more
Wi-Fi Enabled Speakers with Wi-Fi connectivity connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network to stream audio from your devices—smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. This may require an app from the brand, such as Yamaha’s ... Show more
Bluetooth Enabled Speakers with built-in Bluetooth allow you to stream audio content directly from device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop) on the speakers. This feature behaves just like any other Bluetooth-enabled d ... Show more
Wired Connections or Wireless Not to be confused with Wi-Fi-enabled speakers, wireless speaker set ups do not require a speaker wire or direct lines to other speakers and the AV receiver. Typically, these speakers require a wirele ... Show more
Speaker Wire Included Speaker wire is the connection used between speakers, amplifiers and receivers. This is a special type of wire that makes an electrical connection and transmits sound signals. You will only use this t ... Show more
ENERGY STAR Certified For the environmentally conscious, choosing an “ENERGY STAR Certified” speaker may be important to you. Technology devices with this label are required to meet certain industry standards as it relates ... Show more
Additional Features Any other features available.
Comes with removable black cloth grille
Release Date
Popularity 0-100 scale indicating how frequently people buy the product online. Recalculated daily.
83 / 100
5 years warranty on passive speakers 1 to 2 years warranty on active speakers
Model Numbers Mouse over a model for a picture

Price Range:

Key features
  • 6.5" point-source Uni-Q driver array
  • Rigid new aluminum cone technology
  • 2" voice coil
  • 14" tall
  • 17 lbs

Kef Q300 are a very popular and one of the most expensive options. They're in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have many popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin or Jamo C-103 .

Kef Q300 were released in 2011. There are a lot of newer speakers on the market. Show newer Speakers

Kef Q300 are $450 more expensive than average speakers ($199.99).

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Questions about Kef Q300

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I have a HK 430 Dual receiver (now in the shop), which I hope to use with a nice pair of book shelf speakers. I also may use these for main front speakers in a 5.1 surround with a Yamaha RX-V671. Currently, I have some older small KEF UniQ 50 towers that I have really enjoyed. I may use then for rear speakers. Would the
KEF Q300 be a good pick? (currently $400)
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`just like to know which one is better overall. i'm going to be using it for music and videos editing. and looking for that flat EQ
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I'm confused about the various Def Tech speaker lines (Procinema, 9000 series, Mythos). Drivers appear to be similar and main differences, other than cost, seem to be esthetics. I own a Procinema 600 series today and it seems ok to good. I'm considering a new home with larger listening area and am looking for audio system upgrade. Budget ? Maybe $3k but that's just a #. If $2k Proc 1000 will do the trick, that's fine. Music + tv + movies 3000 ft3 of space to fill.. Big screen tv, 65". Will I notice a significant difference with the $3k Mythos or the $2k 9000 series ?
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Can you tell me the pros and cons of the Audioengine A5+ vs. HD3?
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What would be a good pair of speakers for a Pioneer SX-303 receiver (I think it is 45 watts per channel)? I am thinking about Klipsch R14-M
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