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Market insight

Sound Appeal 6.5" are a popular option on the lower end of the price range. They're in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Polk Audio T15 or M-Audio AV42 .

Sound Appeal 6.5" are $130 cheaper than the average speakers ($199.99).

Number of speakers per price range in comparison to Sound Appeal 6.5":
Market insight

Polk Audio T15 are a very popular option on the lower end of the price range. They're in the top 3 bestselling speakers and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Sound Appeal 6.5" or M-Audio AV42 .

Polk Audio T15 are $126.27 cheaper than the average speakers ($199.99).

Number of speakers per price range in comparison to Polk Audio T15:
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  • Superior home theater and music performance.Polk Audio's exclusive Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters for wide response and low distortion.Rubber driver surrounds for a lifetime of reliable high performance.Wide dispersion drivers and tweeters
  • Magnetically shielded enclosures for reduced distortion from nearby video sources and improved audio clarity
  • Sonically matched speakers are designed to work with each other in a synergistic manner, each performing a specific function in an integrated speaker system with balanced response across all speakers
  • Sensitivity: 89dB 5-1/4" Dynamic Balance polymer composite woofer with rubber surround and 3/4" Dynamic Balance silk/polymer composite tweeter with neodymium magnet deliver a lush, balanced soundscape
  • Keyhole slot for wall mounting using optional mounting hardware (not included)
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  • LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE .........This pair of SA-VF6.5S bookshelf speakers were built with high quality craftsmanship and materials to last a long time. High quality materials like butyl rubber surrounds and ferrofluid tweeters ensures that your SA-VF6.5S will perform the same way 10 years from now as it did the day of purchase. The VF line of Sound Appeal speakers carry a 3 years parts and labor warranty for the original purchaser.
  • APPEALING BEAUTY & PERFORMANCE......The appeal of these bookshelf speakers are not just its outward beauty but also its stunning performance. At first glance you will notice the fine detail on the wood grain cabinet with graceful rounded edges which flow into the beautifully curved custom molded grille offering a very stylish look. Tightly woven fine grille fabric was used to offer elegance and the same performance whether grille is on or off the speaker. The custom tuned injection molded woofer will awaken your senses with exciting powerful tight bass and clean clear vocals. The tailor-made designed slotted port tube has been tuned to offer deep bass with out any hint of being boomy, exactly as music was intended to be; felt as well as heard. The 1.0" custom designed pure silk dome tweeter offers clear crisp highs both on and off axis which will wisp you away in an alluring experience with no hint of brightness. Just soft subtle tones which will ease your listening pleasure. Collectively these sound qualities will envelop your senses in a complete immersive audio experience.
  • DESIGN.........The engineers at Sound Appeal had one goal in mind when designing this new SA-VF6.5S bookshelf speaker. Develop a bookshelf that would perform as equally or as close as possible to those in the so called high end audiophile range, while on a budget. The task was daunting to say the least. How far could we stretch the budget of staying below $150 per pair while maintaining quality? Apparently quite far. Most other speakers in this price range are purchased off the shelf from China with a new name brand put on the front, then marketed to you as cheaply as possible. This was not the approach taken by Sound Appeal. We took the combined 35 years of work and experience developing other higher end brands and got to work. After 18 months of engineering, developing, and modeling this new speaker system, we feel you will be amazed at how evoking and appealing these speakers are. Working as a team, engineers convinced the sales department to sacrifice profit so they could focus on utilizing high quality materials in their design....How appealing is that? A company which strives for quality at any and all costs even if it means a lower profit than what was anticipated. This opened the window for our engineers to choose higher quality materials in their design normally not found in speakers at this level. Such as injection molded polypropylene cones, instead of cheaper performing thermo pressed poly or paper cones. Also selecting silk domes for the tweeters normally found in more expensive esoteric designs. This combined with thick rigid cabinets deliver a beautiful design. Lastly we custom tuned and molded a front loaded slotted port to ensure premium performance and tight low bass. Quite simply it is the design and the accumulated efforts of the whole Sound Appeal team which make this bookshelf speaker so appealing.
  • QUALITY.......At Sound Appeal our credence is to go above and beyond. By living and breathing these sentiments only then do we believe we can bring you quality products beyond your expectations. This is why we feel you will find our products and build quality appealing... very appealing. To ensure these speakers meet and beat your expectations we start our quality control procedures and goals at the engineering level. Each component chosen is chosen with performance first and foremost in mind and then with the ease of repeatability. By choosing materials which can be manufactured with tight tolerances we have been able to produce each and every bookshelf speaker with a mirror like image to the reference sample. Then each supplier is closely monitored and chosen based on our principles of doing the right thing even when no one is looking. They must believe in this sentiment as we do or they are simply not chosen to provide the required materials for any of our products including these SA-VF6.5S bookshelf speakers. The final steps in ensuring our products exceed your expectations are the last two stages where we sweep every single speaker against the reference sample and closely monitor physical defects. Most of these steps are not performed at this price level by our competitors. In order to live up to our standards of doing the right thing when no one is listening we could not and will not skip necessary quality steps to ensure we deliver products that exceed your expectations. During this process over 7% of speakers are rejected during the Audio Precision Sweep. This makes certain that when you receive a carefully and professionally packaged pair of SA-VF6.5S bookshelf speakers, they perform beyond your expectations. Sound Appeal... appealing, very appealing
  • JUST THE SPECS ......The SA-VF6.5S bookshelf has a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms, perfect for today's AV Home Theater receivers. The SA-VF6.5S can handle 80Watts RMS of clean clear power. Optimal amplifier power is 25 watts to 125 watts RMS of clean output. || The frequency response is from 45Hz to 22kHz. The low frequency is quite impressive for such a small cabinet design. This is due to the custom built woofer and the custom molded front loaded slotted port. By custom tooling a slotted port we have enabled these speakers to have a deeper tuned F3 cut off point. The other main advantage is that the port is on the front, great for when you are wall mounting these speakers. || The custom made cloth silk dome tweeter, offers excellent on and off axis response with delicate tones which are soft subtle and never over bearing. So now the sweet spot is larger and optimal listening can be directly in front or off to left or right of speaker. || The delicately tuned 12dB/octave crossover is matched to the performance of the woofer and tweeters capabilities. The smooth roll off ensures the woofer is never producing tones not within its optimal operating range, ensuring that the bass and upper mid range frequencies are true and not muddy. The delicate transfer to the tweeter creates an unnoticeable transition of the upper frequencies via high quality capacitors and coils often found in much more expensive speakers. All in all this crossover does its job perfectly with no hint of coloration of the signal || The rigid cabinet design is designed with non resonant materials to prevent unwanted cabinet vibration and coloration. Allowing only the true music to be produced without distortions from unwanted vibrations. || The cabinet is a black poly wood veneer design which measures 12.0" high x 7.75" wide and 7.50" deep. The speaker can be hung on the wall via a rear eye hook or via the four pre drilled holes to match an on wall swiveling bracket.
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8.2 lbs

6 lbs
7.2 x 6.5 x 11 inches
7.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches
Polk Audio
Sound Appeal
5 Year Parts and Labor
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