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We are looking for a different car seat for our 6 year old grandson he's 44 lbs and 45 inches very skinny . And tall we are unsure what to get .Where looking at Alpha Omega Elite car seat.
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I have a three year old, a 5 year old and a 7 year old. Which carseat would be best for all three?
Related: Diono RadianRXT, Britax Frontier G1.1, Convertible Car Seats | Submitted by Vanessa 336 days ago
A: Sitting three children in a back seat that are older

If you are sitting three across, the Radian Diono RXT seat would be best for all of them. It fits all stages. For your seven year old, you could buy the version that does not have the five point harness which is a tad cheaper. 

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What car seat is safest between the graco 4 ever and the Nautilus 65
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-budget is $400 max.
-My one year old daughter will be using the seat. She is 28" tall and 19 lbs. now.
- We drive a Subaru Outback.
-We fly at least once a year on a cross country flight and will need to bring the carseat. I like the option for her to use it on the plane instead of checking it.
I am torn between the Diono Rainier/Radian or the Britax Marathon Click Tight.
-Safety comparison.
-Is the side impact better for the Rainier? But then what did the Radian score better on the Insurance rating? That's confusing.
Thanks for your assistance. This decision is not easy!
Related: Diono RadianRXT, Britax Marathon ClickTight, Convertible Car Seats | Submitted by Katie 393 days ago
A: Britax Marathon vs. Radian Diono

If you are flying, the Radian is definitely the better choice. It folds up and can be put in the overhead compartment. This is also a great feature if you have people at work ride with you at lunch or something and need the space in your vehicle. The Britax Marathon is a great seat, but very large. It would be a bear to travel with. I like both seats, but it depends on why and where you are using it. Do you have a small car? Do you have another car seat in the vehicle? Are you having another child? If you want a really safe seat that is both portable and comfortable and narrow, then choose the Radian. If you want a huge seat that is easy to put into the car, safe, etc but takes up half of the backseat, choose the Britax. They are both safe. I am buying the Radian for my car and the Britax for my Durango.

I hope this helps.

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I am having a hard time deciding between these two. My daughter hates the car seat and I am hoping once we transition, it will get better. They both have a lot of nice features but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with both. Does your child prefer one over the other? Do you feel one is easier/safer than the other? Thank you
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